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Belgian fast-food restaurant creates appetite for customer loyalty

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Belgian restaurant chain Quick has been in the fast-food business for a long time. Founded in 1971, the company established by entrepreneur Baron François Vaxelaire made history as the first chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants founded in Europe.

Today, Quick is still the number one fast-food chain in Belgium, with over 80 restaurants and 3,500 employees across the country.

The Challenge

With roots dating back to the early 1970s, Belgian hamburger chain Quick has always embraced new trends and technologies. That’s why Quick launched a mobile app, myQuick, in 2018, allowing users to collect loyalty credits called Q-points by registering purchases or entering profile data. In return, these Q-points can be exchanged for free burgers or special discounts at Quick locations.

While the prospect of free burgers is attractive, Quick noticed that a large percentage of people completed one purchase on the app – and never came back. According to data insights, 28.78% of users did not log a second or third purchase. With this in mind, Quick was looking to transform these customers who had just taken a nibble on the app into frequent and loyal diners.

The basic challenge of pushing loyalty has been fulfilled way beyond our dreams with a percentage that we never expected. All thanks to Selligent CI and a great collaboration between Selligent and our team.

Jens Standaert

Commercial Director, Springbok

The Path To Success

Working with digital agency Springbok, the Quick team cooked up a recipe for success: Because users are considered ‘loyal’ after making at least four purchases on the app, the goal was to not only nudge a second purchase, but create a customer journey toward two, three, four and more consecutive meals.

Marigold Engage had been Quick’s go-to for email campaigns and marketing automation since 2019. Quick’s IT architecture feeds data from multiple sources into Selligent CI, where it is processed into nuggets of actionable information. Selligent also orchestrates multi-channel communication, with mails, push notifications, and landing pages all built and managed on the platform.

Targeting first-time myQuick shoppers via email and push messages, the campaign sent appetizing offers in the form of the best-performing discount coupons. And if customers had different tastes – and did not respond – a second wave let them choose a coupon they liked best on a landing page created in Selligent. Based on 200 million lines of customer data per day from the Data Warehouse (Quick IT), Selligent (re-)calculated the segments each morning to make sure the best automated communication was sent to the right person.


Partner Profile

Springbok is a rapidly expanding agency that reinvents digital for ambitious brands, creating enduring impact by establishing meaningful connections between brands and their communities in the Benelux and beyond. From idea to execution, Springbok designs, builds, automates, and scales digital programs to optimize customer experiences and grow business. The team combines data, technology, and creativity to transform customer journeys into compelling brand experiences.


The recipe worked! Using data to target app users right after their first purchase on myQuick proved successful in creating a hunger for more. The super-sized results exceeded the team’s expectations by far.

“We are very proud of these results, and they are a tremendous improvement over our previous loyalty campaigns,” said Jens Standaert, Commercial Director, Springbok. Asked about what created the difference, the team pointed out the data architecture built around Selligent as the basis for data-based engagement. “Placing Selligent CI in the middle of everything makes a huge amount of data actionable. This helps ensure we choose the right channel in a multi-channel way and send to the right customer at the right time,” said Jens Standaert.

47.38 %
Email Open Rate
88.06 %
of users made 2 or more purchases

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