Our Technology Partner Network

We work with many of the leading technology companies to help clients deliver the best omnichannel consumer experience. Our technology partner network includes companies that work on a global level and those that focus on integrations made locally in each country. Get into the Marigold Engage mix by connecting with our partners and their customers.


The benefits of becoming a Marigold Engage partner

Our partner network is a pillar of our success, and you can reap the rewards by joining today 

Marigold Engage Ecosystem
Bring the power of your technology to the party, by aligning with other marketing tech and sales systems, through our OOTB and custom connectors.
Agency Partner Network
Acquaint yourself with our Agency Partners, in order to deliver your technology to other agency clients, through your “mutual friend,” Marigold Engage.
MySelligent Portal
Access all Marigold Engage resources, including technical info, sales content and guides, lead forms, training guides, case studies, marketing resources, and more.

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Who else we partner with

Our partner network is just as varied as our platform

Agency Partners
Collaborate with our agency partners and expand your technological influence on the market.
Reseller Partners
Be autonomous in selling Marigold Engage as well as your own marketing expertise – and drive your sales margins.

See everyone else partnering with us in the Marigold Engage ecosystem. 

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