Real-Time Audiences

Personalisation with real time, predictive marketing

Bringing your marketing messaging to the right people at the right time requires an understanding of who and where they are in real-time. Selligent Marketing Cloud does it for you.

Data-Defined Audiences
Ensure that your targets mirror your input data, as audiences grow and mature
Automated Segmentation
Easily create subtly segmented audiences, with the help of AI
360° View Customer Data Profiles
Bring individual customers into focus with a profile of their consumption habits

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  • The world never stops, and your marketing must reflect this

    With Selligent Marketing Cloud’s easy, customizable APIs, you can respond to immediate events, like adding new members or triggering an order confirmation, that turn interest into sales, revenue, or subscriptions.

  • Keep up with the contours of your market

    Modify audiences on the fly through our flexible data model. Add and delete tables, modify import and export processes, and control the way your data is captured and leveraged through our intuitive interface.

  • Automatically sync audiences with your third-party partners

    Create customizable integrations with any third-party e-commerce, CRM, mobile, and display partners system, to keep all of your audience data centralized and reliable.


Our technology helps you make powerful marketing personal

  • Multi-Source Data Integrations
  • Selligent Cortex AI Smart Audiences
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Real-Time Behavioral Tracking

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A marketing strategy based on information updated in real time 

Brands are well aware that their audience is constantly changing. Consumers, after all, are always on the move, interacting with your online platform (subscribing to a newsletter, making purchases, etc.). Marketers must be able to adapt their communication strategies to respond appropriately to these changes. Selligent Marketing Cloud is a data driven marketing platform which helps you to improve your customers’ experience by personalising the subject line of the message sent, according to their current stage in the customer journey map. 

Data updated in line with the development of your audience 

Personalisation is now at the centre of brand communication strategies. Its purpose is to forge a connection with consumers by bringing them quality content corresponding to their expectations, in order to influence their purchasing decision. To highlight their offers and products, marketers must use multiple communication channels to bring their audience the right message, at the right time. 

To achieve this, they must have real-time access to information on the behaviour of their prospects and customers, so that they can react to each event (subscription, purchase, etc.) by sending them personalised marketing content. In order to implement content marketing campaigns, brands utilise marketing automation tools such as Selligent Marketing Cloud. 

Communication strategy: a flexible data model to enable personalisation of your message 

With Selligent, marketers can harness data available in real time to fully optimise their communication campaigns and establish a personalised customer journey. They have access to multiple functionalities including automated segmentation, which enables refinement of audience selection according to consumer profiling updates. The marketing team also has access to a large volume of real-time data regarding its customers. In this way, marketers are able to observe the consumption practices of each customer, using this key information to adapt the message communicated via different channels, and thereby improving the customer experience.  

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