The Relationship Marketer’s Playbook for Holiday Planning 2022

Like it or not the holidays are coming, and with up to €100BN consumer spending at stake, forward-thinking marketers know that now is the time to get their holiday relationship marketing strategies ready to unwrap. This guide will take you through the 2022 holiday trends and your holiday marketing checklist for success, all backed-up by data.

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The Relationship Marketing Playbook for Holiday Planning 2022

Your 2022 holiday relationship marketing checklist from acquisition through to loyalty.
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What Is Relationship Marketing?

Selligent Marketing Cloud shares what Relationship Marketing is, why it is important and what the concept entails.
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Case Studies

Courir - Footwear Retailer Battles Abandoned Carts With Personalized Product Recommendations

French footwear retailer Courir developed an email campaign with personalized product recommendations to reach shoppers who did not convert.
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Deliverability: How Engagement Drives Your Reputation

Watch this inspiring presentation from Selligent's Director of Deliverability Services to find out more about deliverability, prepare for your future campaigns and improve your brand reputation.
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Lessons for Back-to-School Marketers in 2022

Ebook with lessons for back to school marketers, packed with exclusive data and the inspiring use cases from Selligent clients.
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10 Key Steps to Boost Email Deliverability in 2022

This checklist from Selligent provides ten fundamental steps marketers should take to boost email deliverability
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