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Selligent Cortex puts AI at your fingertips, unlocking unprecedented automation and personalization.

Powerful Automation Capabilities
Enhance your marketing efforts with automated personalization
Custom Data-Defined User Experiences
Market with granularity, by developing a unique experience for each individual
Easy Integration with Existing Business & Sales Systems
Leverage your entire stack to kickstart a more effective marketing engine

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Featured Applications

  • Give your customer data the algorithmic boost

    A native AI layer within the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform, Selligent Cortex helps you boost conversion, visitor engagement, and customer loyalty, including through NLP capabilities.

  • Personalize and segment to bring campaign performance higher

    Target with specificity, and tailor content uniquely to customer needs, to ensure your message gets to precisely those you need to reach.

  • Roll out the red carpet, whether they’re a new or frequent visitor

    Automating with Selligent Cortex means all customers, known or unknown, receive the best experience your data can offer them. With Send Time Optimization, this experience arrives at the perfect moment.

  • Apply our algorithms to the rhythm and rhyme of your sales funnel

    Precisely guide your customer’s sales journey, using filters to control who sees which offer, and to offer other relevant product recommendations.


Our technology helps you make powerful marketing personal

  • Selligent Cortex Artificial Intelligence
  • A/B Split and Multivariate Testing
  • Automated Responsive Design Content Rendering
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Performance Reporting

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Selligent is the ideal marketing automation platform for automating your campaigns

To boost your sales and competitiveness, it is now essential to construct your marketing strategy by implementing targeted actions and creating a personalised customer journey. Thanks to marketing automation solutions such as Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can take things a step further by harnessing multiple distribution channels and devising personalised content marketing scenarios in just a few clicks. 

Campaigns with more targeted content to convert your prospects 

As a data driven marketing  software program, Selligent allows you to position the customer at the very heart of your strategy, by understanding their needs. Drawing on data collected via your CRM (customer relationship management system), the Selligent Cortex tool analyses the behaviour of your prospects and customers in real time to create appropriate, bespoke marketing automation solutions. These functionalities use AI (artificial intelligence) to send the right marketing content to your target, via the right channel (email, display, etc.) and most importantly at the right time, to ensure a positive impact on their purchasing decision. Thanks to AI, your campaign will be more impactful and your product or service offer will be more visible. 

Marketing automation software to simplify your team tasks

Whether you’re looking to generate sales or leads, this real-time marketing solution allows you to set up a personalised marketing campaign with lightning speed, without the need to mobilise additional resources.  

Your team can benefit from training delivered by Selligent to learn how to master all the features of this marketing automation platform, in order to facilitate implementation of every campaign. While providing training, Selligent will also help you to configure the software to enable maximum automation of tasks and actions, saving you time at every stage in the customer journey map. Implementing this customer data platform is an excellent way to reduce the number of errors committed, thereby improving overall quality. Marketing automation gives your team the ability to showcase your offering to your target via personalised marketing messages, all without increasing their day-to-day workload.

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