Journey Customization

Content personalisation according to the customer journey

Optimize your marketing results by building drag-and-drop, no-code journeys that mirror and activate your audience wherever they are, with behavior triggers and retargeting.

Every Channel, One Journey
Follow your customers everywhere they go, across all channels in a single journey
Drag-and-Drop Journey Builder
Develop no-code customer journeys with ease
Automated Segmentation & Retargeting
Adapt and segment in real-time with retargeting to boost conversions

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  • Optimize your customer experience, by linking channels and behavior

    Create comprehensive customer journeys, without any coding, following your users to every channel they use, and triggering messaging based on their interactions.

  • Execute perfectly every time, with previews and proofing

    Preview and approve every campaign and message before your customers see it, with delivery optimization testing, live data sampling, and automated responsive design generation, to keep your customer relationships flawless.

  • Keep your marketing moments fresh, rather than frustrating customers

    Ensure your message frequency remains always welcome, at the user, campaign, channel, or program level, with simple drag-and-drop prioritization and global oversight rules.

Our technology helps you make powerful marketing personal

  • Send Time Optimization
  • Cadence Management

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Strengthen your customer relationships with a personalised marketing strategy 

Personalising the customer journey experience is very often the key to a successful content marketing strategy. More and more companies are using this technology, which offers excellent returns on investment. Why? Since communication is more targeted and more impactful, you have more chance of persuading a prospect or inciting an existing customer to make additional purchases. 

Content plays a fundamental role in the elaboration of your personalised customer journey map. This is because the message you use to highlight your products or services must fully correspond with the expectations of each consumer. It must be sent at the right time and via the right distribution channel to reach your target. However, this method requires excellent knowledge of the behaviour and habits of your products’ users. Marketers therefore collect real-time marketing data on their customers to build their personalised purchasing journey. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud helps you to personalise your communication 

Making use of a data driven marketing solution such as Selligent Marketing Cloud brings a company numerous benefits. Connected to your various data collection and processing programs, this platform performs real-time customer segmentation and profiling, and offers you a detailed overview of the expectations and preferences of your customers. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud also allows you to build customer loyalty by helping you to personalise your content and construct your personalised customer journey experience. Its AI (artificial intelligence) system uses the data gathered to offer you recommendations when creating your marketing campaigns (personalised email subject line, appropriate sending time, etc.) according to the customer’s stage in the individual purchasing journey.

The Selligent marketing automation platform provides businesses with considerable savings in both time and money. Thanks to the automation of numerous tasks, your marketers will be able take the personalisation of your communications a step further, offering a unique customer experience journey and building a customer relationship that lasts. 

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