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Selligent data driven marketing:

Building and maintaining customer relationships requires iteration informed by analysis, and Selligent Marketing Cloud gives you the tools to test, understand, and adjust to your audience.

Actionable Intelligence
Analysis reports that help you iterate campaigns and interactions more effectively
Automated Testing
A/B and multivariate testing protocols use scientific processes to drive your marketing success
Real-Time Monitoring & Custom Dashboards
Get informed at a glance, or dive into the granular details

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  • Discover what resonates with your customers

    Easily incorporate automated tests at every step of your customer’s journey, to optimize messaging based on real-world evidence, and leverage these results to form revenue-driving benchmarks.

  • Marketing happens in the moment, so meet your customers there

    Make program improvements immediately and on the fly, with clickstream data that is gathered and updated in real time, so you get pulse reporting as soon as your campaign starts generating activity.

  • Reports that reflect what you care about, and what makes you money

    You need instant access to your critical KPIs, not an out-of-the-box dashboard that gives you irrelevant metrics. Both our standard and custom reporting features allow you to pin any key KPIs to your dashboard, giving you the ability to set dashboards based on permission and user roles.

Our technology helps you make powerful marketing personal

  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Activity Dashboards
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Selligent Data Studio

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Analyse the performance of your communication activities with Selligent Marketing Cloud 

For many years, businesses have understood the need to offer a unique customer experience journey in order to boost sales and achieve their objectives. However, the implementation of these communication activities must be supported by detailed customer data analysis to enable marketers to adapt their real time marketing strategy. 

Thanks to Selligent Marketing Cloud, companies have the ability to analyse the statistical data contained in multiple KPIs as of campaign launch, and to update the type of indicators monitored at any time. These fully customisable analytical reports enable marketers to track the impact of a campaign and check that the objectives set have indeed been met, whether in terms of sales or audience reach. Is your campaign not generating the expected results? Remember that it is possible to change your programme with just a few clicks in order to maximise your performance. The Selligent Marketing Cloud is remarkably easy to use, and provides a marketing automation solution that will facilitate the everyday tasks of marketers. Selligent’s teams can, however, provide training for your staff if necessary.

Facilitate the management of your campaigns with data driven marketing tools 

While creating a personalised customer journey is often synonymous with better business results, this method can prove costly (in time as well as money) unless the right tools are deployed. Which channels should be activated? What message should be used? What transmission timing is best? These decisions must be taken with great care to ensure that the results are as desired. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud data-driven marketing software is designed to serve your business strategy. In addition to offering precise dashboards for use by your digital experts, this marketing automation platform can also connect with other tools, enabling collection and storage of customer data (CRM, CDP, etc.). Drawing on these different data sources, Selligent Marketing Cloud will be able to segment your audience in real time, grouping consumers who exhibit similar behaviour. This marketing automation solution also gives you access to advanced personalisation features, ensuring a unique customer journey experience. Your marketers will therefore have everything they need to implement an appropriate and effective content marketing strategy, in order to create a lasting relationship with your customer base. 

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