Privacy and Security Center

Selligent strives for the highest standards in personal data privacy and security. Data protection is part of our DNA.

Every year, hundreds of companies use Selligent to collectively deliver billions of powerful customer experiences. So we’ve built our services with security in mind, and we work with our clients to store their data in a manner designed to help them comply with any applicable regulations.

Selligent undergoes annual third-party audits of its data privacy and security practices, policies and procedures. Selligent is ISO27001, ISO27701  and ISO27018 certified. Selligent is HDS certified in France, and undergoes an annual audit for SOC 2 Type 2 Report.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and now the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), require companies holding the personal data of their customers to implement a number of similar privacy standards. CCPA was closely modeled on GDPR and, although CCPA imposes similar obligations as compared to GDPR, companies that have prepared for GDPR compliance should not assume they have all their bases covered when it comes to CCPA compliance, as there are distinct differences between the laws. GDPR compliance may help with some aspects of CCPA compliance, but companies need to carefully and separately assess the requirements of CCPA and adopt policies and plans accordingly.

How Selligent Enables Privacy Compliance

Selligent provides tools that clients can use to align data collection practices to meet the needs of their CCPA/GDPR compliance plans. Based on core principles such as consent management, data deletion, data portability, and processing restrictions, Selligent provides its clients with access to our Consumer Information Management Tool (“CIM”).

Consumer Information Management Tool

Our online Consumer Information Management (CIM) tool is a self-service interface available to clients using the latest version of our platform. The tool supports consumer privacy regulations, by allowing clients to easily manage privacy requests – from collection or removal of personal information to unsubscribing to communications – all in a few clicks. The tool allows brands to manage personal data across the entire customer profile, to build privacy settings and filters into campaigns, helping automate user preferences in a manner that can be easily managed, regardless of channel or campaign. It allows for consistency throughout the customer relationship and includes capabilities that address Data Subject rights noted in CCPA and GDPR regulations such as:

However, Selligent clients should consult with their own legal counsel to design processes and flows necessary for compliance. It is incumbent upon our clients to make sure their use of our platform and the CIM tool is compliant with any applicable regulations including CCPA and GDPR.

We invest in obtaining top certifications

These certifications confirm that Selligent adheres to high security standards, and that data privacy lies at the core of our values.

We offer options to keep data secure


When handling data imports and exports, Selligent employs ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) logic using batch processing tasks over SFTP, FTPS, etc. Files can be unzipped and decrypted (PGP) by the processor. We also offer secure rest API transmission. In addition, Selligent offers the ability to encrypt data at rest (charges may apply).

User access control and fine-grained access control

Selligent has rigorous processes and security controls in place, including: physical access controls, denial-of-use controls, data access controls, data transmission controls, data entry controls, subcontractor controls, availability controls, and separation controls.

Shortened data retention and data minimization

Selligent is able to configure the platform to suit your data storage and purge requirements.

Ability to host data in EU if a requirement

For our EU customers, data is hosted in Europe by default. Clients outside of the EU have the option to house data in Europe.

We offer monitoring and records of processing activities

These certifications confirm that Selligent adheres to high security standards, and that data privacy lies at the core of our values.

We provide the tools for clients to manage various privacy requirements such as when data subjects:

Marigold Engage gives you the tools to manage consent and permissions

Flexible forms

The Marigold Engage Forms Module is designed to enable forms to be built by those without design experience. Rules and constraints that govern who sees the page, and which content is driven for each page’s users, are set up in a similar way to how dynamic content and segment selection are used throughout the tool.

Self-service database structure

Selligent has rigorous processes and security controls in place, including: physical access controls, denial-of-use Marigold Engage sits on an open, relational database model. The structure of the data model can be fully tailored to a client’s specific requirements and allows the addition of new fields without the need for professional services intervention.

Connection to your service teams

Marigold Engage’s open, relational database model makes it easy to connect with many different CRM systems. Marigold Engage also offers its own proprietary application, Frontline, to help make customer service easier via customizable agent forms.


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