Retail success scales when you retain the human touch

Marigold Engage drives sales for industry-leading retailers, by centralizing data streams, aligning with your sales tech stack, and bringing custom and personalized content to every customer.


Remove data silos, to have a holistic view of your customers, and audiences with similar characteristics

Centralize data from every source, including loyalty programs, purchases, CRM data, behavioral data, and even declarative customer data profiles, to shape and streamline communication to your audiences.

Real-Time Audiences

Personal experiences and recommendations at scale, everywhere your customers are

Keep your message targeted and relevant for each customer, with flexible journeys that cover every channel they use online, and mobile push notifications for their real-world actions.

Journey Customization

Seamless connection with your entire martech stack

Marigold Engage has the flexibility and extensibility to accommodate whatever other systems make up your tech stack, with OOTB and custom connectors for seamless third-party service integration. You can also scale up capacity for special sales days, such as Black Friday or the holiday season.

Reporting & Optimization

Our partner network helps you unlock the potential and value of our platform

While Marigold Engage provides power and ease of use out of the box, our partner network helps you achieve your goals and objectives. Our local partners help you define your strategy, reach your objectives, and launch an enhanced go-to-market strategy, thanks to extensive knowledge of our platform and its applications.

Our Partner Network

Our account teams collaborate with clients to drive business success

From adoption to optimization, Marigold Engage brings dedicated client success managers and account teams to your marketing efforts. They take the time to learn your business, and maximize our platform to meet your unique business goals, to ensure you’re fully harnessing the power of personalization.

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