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Selligent Marketing Cloud combines universal data integration, AI-driven automation, and omnichannel execution, so your marketing team can run extensive campaigns with ease.

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An end-to-end platform built for the complexity of modern marketing

Selligent Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to integrate evolving data sets, harness automation for customization, and execute personalized marketing at scale.

Integrate customer data from your entire stack in real time
Expand your marketing capabilities with powerful automation
Reach your customers wherever they are with omnichannel execution

Our platform puts the power to make marketing personal at your fingertips

Marketing campaigns that drive business results

Speed To Market
Integrate Selligent Marketing Cloud with your existing martech stack, ingest all your data, and start running data-driven omnichannel campaigns in just a few weeks.
Extensive Partner Network
Working with our agency and technology partners means better results, so you can maximize Selligent Marketing Cloud’s potential, regardless of the size of your internal marketing team.
Enterprise Security & Compliance
The only thing more important to us than leveraging your data for actionable marketing insights is keeping it safe. That’s why enterprise-grade data security and compliance are our mandate.
Commitment to Client Success
From adoption to optimization, our dedicated client success managers and account teams take the time to learn your business, and help you maximize Selligent Marketing Cloud to meet your business goals.

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What’s New

From AI to analytics, our platform is constantly evolving, to ensure that your marketing possibilities meet the needs of every single consumer.

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform to help you meet your targets

Selligent Marketing Cloud is designed to support companies with the marketing campaign management and help them achieve their sales and new contact targets. Using this data driven marketing , which can almost be considered a CDP (Customer Data Platform) in its own right, makes it possible to: 

Thanks to the data collected, sorted and stored by the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool used by your Customer Relations department, you will obtain an enhanced overview of your various customer profiles. After analysing these various information sources and identifying the differences and similarities among profiles, your marketers will be fully equipped to create a personalised customer journey.  

Drawing on this data and the AI built in to the platform, Selligent Marketing Cloud will be able to help you create personalised and impactful subject lines, suited to the expectations of your target. In accordance with the information gathered about your audience, this real-time marketing solution will also guide your decision-making. It will anticipate the ideal time to send your e-mail to your customers and recommend the most appropriate channels for reaching your audience. These optimisation features, combined with the content marketing strategy you have devised, will guarantee you a higher conversion rate, and all without increasing your acquisition costs. 

The automation of numerous tasks and the platform’s connection to multiple systems (ERP, CDP, DMP, CRM) enable marketers to implement campaigns quickly and easily, regardless of the channels activated (e-mail, display, etc.). Thanks to automation features, you can reduce the number of potential errors, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud gives you access to reporting tools offering you an overview of the marketing campaign results. You can also avail of multiple detailed reviews depending on the various messages and sources activated (display, e-mail, etc.).

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