Simplified omnichannel content marketing services

Launch integrated campaigns, identify cross-channel opportunities, and instantly shape messaging at every point on the customer journey, from a centralized dashboard.

Omnichannel Execution
More than just an ESP, Marigold Engage brings together email, web, social, SMS, print, and more, all in a single journey
End-to-End Ease of Use
Build and initiate custom, no-code, drag-and-drop journeys, from our intuitive UI
Individualized Touchpoints
Personalize content wherever possible, and connect to evolving 360° view customer data profiles

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Featured Applications

  • Your customers are everywhere, so meet them where they are

    Synthesize email, mobile, social, web, print, and more, in any combination, to perfectly align with the channels your customers use.

  • Slide Marigold Engage into your martech stack

    Our custom component allows you to seamlessly integrate Marigold Engage with other marketing systems, to bring them into symbiosis.

  • Market to your audience in the languages they love most

    Multilingual marketing is easier than ever, with easy message definition in multiple languages and quality control measures to ensure each customer receives the right language.

  • Keep customers wanting more, rather than overwhelming them

    Set message frequency controls, and utilize Send-Time Optimization, at the user, campaign, channel, or program level, to ensure you’re not bombarding your customers with ads.

  • Simply switch between brands, to connect audiences from a single location

    Marigold Engage makes it easy to handle the marketing for multiple brands from a single spot, allowing you to seamlessly switch between campaigns and brands, and find audience sweet spots in your full brand portfolio.

Our powerful technology helps you make marketing personal.

  • Omnichannel execution: Email, Mobile, Web, Print, SMS, Social
  • Multilingual Functionality
  • OOTB & Custom Connectors

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