Simplified omnichannel content marketing services

Launch integrated campaigns, identify cross-channel opportunities, and instantly shape messaging at every point on the customer journey, from a centralized dashboard.

Omnichannel Execution
More than just an ESP, Selligent brings together email, web, social, SMS, print, and more, all in a single journey
End-to-End Ease of Use
Build and initiate custom, no-code, drag-and-drop journeys, from our intuitive UI
Individualized Touchpoints
Personalize content wherever possible, and connect to evolving 360° view customer data profiles

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  • Your customers are everywhere, so meet them where they are

    Synthesize email, mobile, social, web, print, and more, in any combination, to perfectly align with the channels your customers use.

  • Slide Selligent Marketing Cloud into your martech stack

    Our custom component allows you to seamlessly integrate Selligent with other marketing systems, to bring them into symbiosis.

  • Market to your audience in the languages they love most

    Multilingual marketing is easier than ever, with easy message definition in multiple languages and quality control measures to ensure each customer receives the right language.

  • Keep customers wanting more, rather than overwhelming them

    Set message frequency controls, and utilize Send-Time Optimization, at the user, campaign, channel, or program level, to ensure you’re not bombarding your customers with ads.

  • Simply switch between brands, to connect audiences from a single location

    Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it easy to handle the marketing for multiple brands from a single spot, allowing you to seamlessly switch between campaigns and brands, and find audience sweet spots in your full brand portfolio.

Our powerful technology helps you make marketing personal.

  • Omnichannel execution: Email, Mobile, Web, Print, SMS, Social
  • Multilingual Functionality
  • OOTB & Custom Connectors

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Save time setting up your omnichannel communication strategy 

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a data-driven marketing tool serving the needs of professionals. It is designed to meet the challenges a business may encounter when implementing its cross-channel communication strategy. Do you spend a lot of time collating customer data from different sources, such as your CRM, sales points, or mobile app? Selligent Marketing Cloud has the ability to connect to numerous tools, including your CRM or a CDP, to help you analyse the customer journey. 

Do you want to improve the customer experience journey, but feel you don’t have the resources to implement the required measures? Is personalisation of product recommendations or communications in line with the consumer’s stage in the purchase journey taking up too much of your time? This helpful marketing automation solution facilitates numerous tasks, so that marketers can focus on the personalised content marketing strategy. Thanks to its drag-and-drop system, they are able to personalise their offers with just a few clicks, whether distributed via mobile app, online, or any other sales channel. 

Increase your sales and build customer loyalty with an omnichannel, personalised purchase journey 

Creating an omnichannel personalised customer journey  is not a simple matter for a company. After all, to succeed in this task, marketers must have a good understanding of consumer preferences and expectations. And yet this is an excellent means of growing product or service sales, and of improving the customer experience journey, thereby strengthening customer retention and loyalty.

Selligent Marketing Cloud helps companies implement their real time marketing strategy by providing them with effective analytical tools. Using customer journey analytics, these solutions are able to create audiences at a given moment and calculate the most favourable time to launch the multi-channel action plan. Selligent Marketing Cloud also directs marketers towards the channels to activate and offers them the use of an AI system which will serve as a guide for creating their marketing strategy content. 

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