Case Study


Courir Battles Abandoned Carts With Personalized Product Recommendations

43 %
of “carters” add more than one product
6.62 %
return to the website within 24 days
Fashion Retail

Courir is the benchmark for sneaker fashion in France. Founded in 1980 the footwear specialist offers a large selection of sneakers, ready-to-wear, and fashion accessories for men, women, and children with a focus on women and young adults.

The Challenge

Courir has many site visitors every day. While many people purchase on the website, the company wanted to develop a strategy to engage people who leave the site without converting. 

In particular, the team at Courir wanted to create a program to engage people who had viewed specific products or put them in their cart, indicating that they were thinking about purchasing, but needed inspiration or extra motivation. 

Reach people who had abandoned their cart
A lot of visitors were creating carts and visiting product sheets without converting, Courir wanted to stay top of mind with abandoners. 
Deliver Relevant product recommendations to visitors
As some of these visitors needed inspiration to purchase, Courir wanted to offer personalized product recommendations in emails.

We always say that CRM is about sending the right message to the right customer at the right time. But we always started from the content, and then decided who would receive the campaigns. We all know that customers receive a lot of emails from brands and we need to be sharp to make the difference : start with the customer and then personalize the content. Selligent was pivotal in making this happen!​

Thillel BA

CRM Manager, Courir

The Path To Success

Courir and Epsilon decided to work with Selligent to create a series of personalized campaigns that would reach shoppers who did not convert.

The team started with two key product features as pillars:

Using these Selligent capabilities, they designed a multi-part approach. Courir created an abandoned cart daily email campaign, featuring content blocks with personalized recommendations. They also developed a daily campaign to visitors (known or unknown) who had viewed a product page, in order to drive them to the website again. Selligent worked with Courir to test the new campaigns using a control.


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