Case Study

Ville de Lyon

Improving citizen experience & reducing cost through data & digital communications


Lyon is the third-largest city in France with over half a million inhabitants. The City Hall handles over 2,000 calls and 10,000 online visitors daily across 27 municipal websites.

The Challenge

The French Administration has a tradition of paperwork that requires residents to fill in multiple forms and show up in person at administrative offices for various services, including school registration, year after year. This was inconvenient and frustrating for parents, who had to visit multiple administration offices in person every year, often with long waiting lines, to register their children. It was also challenging for the administration: expensive to process so much paperwork; and frustrating to not be able to communicate effectively and regularly with parents throughout the year. The city needed to more efficiently connect with its citizens, to save time, reduce frustration, and lower costs by eliminating paper and going digital.

The tool is very intuitive and offers endless possibilities for complex scenarios. With Selligent, we believe we are at the start of a new era in our citizen/user approach.

Thierry Le Vaguerese

Director of Marketing, City de Lyon

Activating Data to Save Time & Lower Costs: The Path To Success

To improve the citizen relationship experience when it came to public school registrations, Ville de Lyon digitized the process to better serve 40,000 kids and their families across 200 schools. The city evolved from an archaic, inefficient offline process that resulted in tremendous citizen dissatisfaction, to an efficient online program that reduced costs and improved relationships. Ville de Lyon successfully used Selligent to:

Centralize Data (including all historical student records) to create a seamless experience where citizens and government officials could access all necessary documents in one hub.

Seamlessly Update Data in Real Time to ensure timeliness & relevance of communications.

Automate Communications with school staff and families, for speed, convenience and efficiency.

Collect & Activate Data from students, using personalized emails & forms to drive efficiency & accuracy, while ensuring data security.


Families in Lyon are waving au revoir to the tradition and headache of tedious paperwork, thanks to the administration’s new citizen relationship program. Lyon now digitally offers more efficient solutions for its citizens and staff. Parents can now:

• Sign up for school programs quickly & easily online, saving time, effort & frustration

• Receive more timely, relevant digital messages throughout the year

• Enjoy a greater level of trust & confidence in the process & the administration

The city benefits too, as it now:

• Has immediate access to better quality data

• Realizes significant cost savings, time efficiency, & reduced paperwork error

• Is able to create deeper relationships with families by delivering niche communications, based on student data (interests, classes, etc.)

Selligent’s omnichannel engagement capabilities are used to power all municipal communications and Lyon is now using Selligent to support more inbound and outbound communications.

75 %
Adoption Rate (in year one!) resulting in saved money, time, & increased citizen satisfaction
93 %
Increase in Number of Email Addresses Shared with City Administration

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