Case Study

Tape à l’Oeil

Leveraging strong mobile brand experiences to power excellent customer service


Established in 1993, Tape à l’Oeil (TAO) is a major children’s clothing retailer based in France and operating in 10 countries around the world. TAO puts passion, boldness, sustainability and performance at the forefront of its mission and customer service philosophy.

A true omnichannel retailer, TAO values user experience in stores and on its branded websites and takes great care in delivering meaningful brand storytelling.

The Challenge

Knowing that their customers respond to exciting and holistic omnichannel experiences, TAO decided to build a proprietary mobile app and couple it with a strong mobile marketing strategy to deliver a customized shopping experience for each customer – no matter the channel. TAO partnered with Marigold Engage to achieve its mission to:

Identify valuable customers
The new mobile app links seamlessly to Marigold Engage, which means that the marketing team can quickly and easily update existing customer profiles with fresh customer behavior insights, or identify new customers.
Provide localized experiences
In order to give users a localized experience based on the customer’s location, the app needed to automatically serve multilingual push notifications in French, Dutch, Polish, and English.
Gain customer trust
Customers need to feel that the services they receive are worth the personal data they give in return. Most importantly for brands, opt-in for push notifications.

We want customers to receive the full Tape à l’Oeil experience on any of their preferred channels. We felt Marigold Engage offered the kind of highquality integration and extensible platform we needed to innovate with our marketing.

Léonor Gravey

Marketing Manager, Tape à l’Oeil

The Path To Success:
Mobile-first strategy

Marigold Engage meets TAO’s ongoing needs in one, marketer-friendly solution. TAO designed and executed a personalized customer lifecycle that hit major milestones including:

Increasing customer loyalty
By implementing a triggered campaign immediately after app downloads, the TAO app encourages customers to share even more personal data via a playful series of push messages.
Customized push notifications
TAO wanted to ensure that the app offers positive shopping experiences and supports repeat customers. That means setting up various automated messages, including postpurchase follow-ups, discount promotions, birthday messages, and sales event notifications.
Supporting localized experiences
TAO now has a digital architecture that can support TAO’s international needs. Marketers can target consumers with messages based on preferred language and current geolocation.
Integrating customer service
TAO realized they could utilize a large amount of data it was acquiring from their customer base to engage customers even better via their in-house call centers and customer service departments to ensure that customers received service-related updates via push messaging or on their TAO app dashboards.


With customer data from all channels including their new mobile app now centralized within Selligent’s universal consumer profiles, TAO’s marketing team is now set up with actionable insights to leverage individualized experiences – all in one place.

Tape à l’Oeil significantly boosted customer engagement across all of its target markets with their new mobile-first strategy.

“Our former solution, Microsoft Captain, limited our marketing strategy because we simply couldn’t identify customers. Implementing Marigold Engage made a big difference in improving efficiency and brand experience across channels. Selligent is a comprehensive marketing platform,” said Laurent Vandenbeusch, Data Architect at TAO

73 %
increase of customers redeeming loyalty coupons via push
71 %
of orders picked up in-store when customers received mobile notifications

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