Case Study


Leading insurance brand turns abandoned shopping baskets into massive engagement boost


As France’s leading school insurance provider since 1932, La MAE is the specialist in child and family protection. La MAE provides insurance contracts for all age groups including families, toddlers, schoolchildren, young workers, as well as for the home.

La MAE contracts evolve and grow with all family members to meet the needs of every moment. As a mutual insurer of the social economy, La MAE defends the interests of children, parents and educational teams without any profit motive. Since 2008, La MAE expertise in prevention has been recognized by the Ministry of National Education and Youth.

The Challenge

As the number one provider of insurance plans for schoolchildren in France, La MAE serves an important social purpose with a close customer focus. But when it came to understanding the reasons why customers abandoned their online shopping carts – and responding in a targeted manner – La MAE had room for improvement. Abandoned cart emails were sent automatically, without any personalization or tracking of crucial engagement metrics (open and click rates, etc.).

Looking to gain more visibility, La MAE partnered with Selligent to overcome three major business challenges:

Analyze consumer behavior on website
and identify conversion paths for specific products.
Boost business with personalized abandoned cart emails,
including recommendations based on behavior and customer data.
Share qualified leads with contact centers for follow-up
and involve stakeholders from IT, marketing, web, and contact centers.

This project has been a real cross-organizational team effort, with Selligent at the center and great involvement from all the different teams including IT, web, marketing, and call centers. The new process allows the marketing team to be fully autonomous on the abandoned cart journeys.

Sophie Brand

Operational Marketing Manager, La MAE

The Path To Success

Working with Selligent as the data foundation and communication hub, La MAE upgraded its abandoned cart process with data-driven personalization. Offering customers a new level of relevance, the campaign covered the following milestones:

Real-time website data
La MAE centralized all website behavior data in Selligent in real time. This helped to identify different patterns/ navigations depending on the products customers ultimately choose. The team can now also track performance KPIs and adjust campaigns on-the-go.
Personalized reminder emails
Based on data-driven insights, customers receive abandoned cart reminder emails pointing them towards the most suitable products in La MAE’s portfolio.
Controlled A/B multivariate testing
The team used Selligent’s testing capabilities to experiment with different journey maps and test different times of day and calls to action. Ultimately, the team perfected four journeys to optimize conversion for specific products.
Integration with contact centers
Breaking down data barriers, the campaign made data from abandoned carts available to La MAE’s call center agents for targeted follow-up, further boosting sales.


By using abandoned carts as the trigger for personalized communications, La MAE’s marketing team turned a challenge into an opportunity for deeper engagement. Based on real-time customer insights, the new abandoned cart emails extracts value with more than double the rate of standard commercial emails. In the bigger picture, the new process unlocked new synergies.

“The campaign helped to send qualified leads to our call centers who were not involved in this process before. It also helped us achieve a good conversion rate,” said Sophie Brand, Operational Marketing Manager, La MAE.

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