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Leading online deals platform relies on Selligent’s AI to generate personalized offers based on purchase behavior and inventory levels

46.14 %
Email Open Rate
6.6 %
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Online Retail

As Europe’s biggest deal community platform, iBOOD (short for ‘Internet’s Best Online Offer Daily’) has been serving daily emails featuring attractive discounts since 2005. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, iBOOD serves deals to engaged customers in countries across Europe such as The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, and Austria. 

Via local websites and a dedicated app, iBOOD proliferates deals from A-list brands with discounts up to 80%. The broad offering ranges from laptops, smart TVs, shoes, designer furniture and personal care. For five consecutive years, iBOOD received the ‘Website of the Year’ Award in E-commerce in The Netherlands.

The Challenge

Since 2005, iBOOD has been sending daily offers with high discounts via email to a growing audience of consumers. The product offering is diverse, ranging from electronics to fashion all the way to kitchen and gardening. As a result, the customer base is also highly diverse, so when iBOOD wanted to create an automated process for sending personally relevant offers to individual consumers, several challenges arose:

Informing customers about ‘refills’ of previously purchased products, especially popular bulk items like razorblades and underwear, was a time-consuming, manual process
Without automated analysis of online and purchase behavior, not enough capacity to send ‘refill’ alerts to all countries
No time and capacity to check for availability/inventory of related products previously purchased
Marketing team needed automated process merging purchase history with real-time product inventory data

The flexibility of Marigold Engage is great and helps to create any automation we want. This is just the beginning, and this method allows us to easily expand to other markets and products.

Friso van der Kamp

Campaign Manager, iBood

The Path To Success

Drawing on Selligent’s open data architecture, the team at iBOOD successfully integrated data on supply levels for products featured in daily discounts. This cleared the way for personalized, automated emails sent to relevant audiences, based on three pillars:





When iBOOD connected the dots in its data structure, campaigns began firing on an entirely new level. Email open rates spiked to 46.14 percent. Within only a few weeks, the marketing team sent 84,518 personalized emails with Selligent. This is a milestone change, since prior to automation, the team could not allocate enough time to create and send email campaigns to eligible customers.

The marketing team gained a new level of autonomy and is now free to create data-driven campaigns based on actionable data. Along the way, iBOOD could rely on Selligent at every step. “We have been partners with Selligent since 2018 and they are very helpful with implementations and help you with whatever you need. They also proactively send information depending on my status. For example, in implementation a warm-up plan was provided when creating the first emails,” said Friso van der Kamp, Campaign Manager at iBood.

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