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E-commerce retailer reduced return rates by 30% utilizing a dynamic, post-purchase “tips” campaign

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The Netherlands

A Dutch e-commerce company, Coolblue is one of the fastest-growing retailers in the Benelux region. Operating over 300 individual web shops and eight physical shops, the company provides expert advice and is best known for its obsessive focus on customer satisfaction.

Coolblue is a company that does “everything for a smile” and has the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the Dutch retail sector. In 2017 the company’s focus was to increase customer satisfaction while lowering costs. With revenue growth of 55 percent in 2016, customer service costs and returns were on the rise.

The Challenge

Coolblue wanted to change improving customer satisfaction while controlling the increasing costs from high-touch service and product returns. First they looked to internal research to identify opportunities for efficiency. They learned that for many products dissatisfaction arose because customers didn’t understand how to use the product.

10 percent of the customers
who had bought an SSD hard drive had contact with the Coolblue customer service department about how to install it.
The return rate of a particular suitcase was 12.5 percent
because customers couldn’t get the lock open and the accompanying instruction manual was locked inside.

From the research sprang an idea. The marketing team realized that if they provided helpful information about products, in a timely and personalized manner, they could accomplish the company’s two objectives. They could increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer questions and ultimately, corporate costs.

The Selligent platform empowered us to build an event-driven campaign that we can use for each of our products. The language, automation and dynamic content features are key capabilities for us. And being able to select our own time of delivery is also a real advantage.

Alexandra Stuij


Reducing return rates:
The Path To Success

Using the Selligent platform and powerful lifecycle marketing technology, the Coolblue team went to work to launch a day-of-delivery “Tips after Purchase” campaign. The campaign’s purpose was to provide tutorials that increase product awareness, reduce questions, and lower return rates. Templates and automated journeys were created to deliver video tutorials, installation instructions, and feature benefit content for over 50,000 of Coolblue’s products. Taking into consideration product shipping dates, these targeted messages were set to automatically arrive on the day of delivery – right when the consumer was most interested in learning about the product.

Shortly after receiving the product, consumers would then receive follow-up emails with additional information on product maintenance and features. With a keen focus on optimization, the Coolblue team made sure to include a gentle reminder for feedback in every customer communication, and occasionally sent out customer satisfaction surveys. The detail of the feedback was then shared back with stakeholders to drive product improvement, and A/B testing was also conducted to improve response rates.

Marigold Engage triggers the initial email and subsequent messages based on purchase event.

Templates / Personalization / dynamic content capabilities to version based on over 250,000 product SKUs.

Surveying used to gain insight from the customer to improve the emails and product assortmente.


This campaign was a true cross-channel effort with email, web, video, inbound customer service, repair and return, and store teams all involved in the success of the initiative. Coolblue was able to reach 20 percent of its customers on a daily basis. The campaign achieved an astounding open and click-to-open rate.

Although education-focused, the campaign reached the highest monthly revenue of all event-driven email campaigns in terms of conversion. Best of all, contact rates reduced by 90 percent and return rates by 30 percent for the products featured.

-30 %
return rates
+2 points

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