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More information on (Third Party) Cookies for Selligent Target

Why do companies use Selligent Target on their website?

Companies use Selligent Target to track visitor behaviour on their websites, thereby allowing them to improve website visitor experience and provide more relevant content via their website or other marketing channels.

What type of information is collected when a company uses Selligent Target on its website(s)?

  • The company using Selligent Target decides which information it wants to collect from its website visitors. Typical examples of type of information companies collect are:
  • The pages you visit on their website and the time you spent on them;
  • Whether you clicked on an ad;
  • Whether you are visiting them on a mobile or desktop device;
  • Items you’ve purchased or put in your shopping basket;
  • Etc.

Selligent asks companies using Selligent Target to describe within their privacy policy the information they collect from their website visitors and to provide visitors the opportunity to opt-out.

How does Selligent collect that information?

Selligent Target uses first party cookies and JavaScript technology to collect information described above. When capturing cross domain behavior (combined click data over different websites), also third party cookies will be used, the third party being “Selligent”.

The companies using Selligent Target provide the necessary information on the first party cookies on their own web-site.

The third party cookie set by Selligent Target is:

  • Sb_[unique identifier] with a lifetime of 10 years and a value which uniquely identifies the visitor. It is used to re-identify a visitor in case his first party cookies are deleted as well as for potential tracking across multiple websites of the company.

How does Selligent use the information collected through Selligent Target?

Selligent only processes the information collected by Selligent Target for the companies deploying Selligent Target on their websites and this further to their instructions, whereby it is the companies’ responsibility to make sure that these instructions are in line with their private policy. So if you want to find out more about how the information collected by Selligent Target on the website you visited will be used, please review the privacy policy of the web-site.

What choices do I have about a company’s use of Selligent Target services?

Selligent Target provides the following controls to website owners and visitors on data collection:

  • Disable Selligent Target and optout-controls for website owners
    Website owners using the Selligent Target javascript can disable tracking for a specific visitor without having to remove the javascript snippets. Selligent Target provides a method for that. Website owners that use this method can also build their own notification and controls for site visitors, or implement privacy controls built by third party developers.
  • Selligent Target supports the universal DoNotTrack policy
    Selligent Target will not perform any Target tracking whenever a surfer has indicated in his browser settings that he doesn’t want to be tracked and provided the website owner indicated inside Selligent Target to comply with the policy. More information about the DoNotTrack policy online can be found for example on
  • Browser settings for cookies
    Selligent Target uses cookies to help collect the information described above. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to block all cookies or to block just those set by companies other than the one whose website you are visiting (often called "third-party cookies"). If you change the setting in your browser to block cookies, you may block the ability for a company to use Selligent Target services on its websites. For further information about managing cookies, visit


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