Welcome Decántalo!

Bruno Boussion
May 26, 2020

We are excited to announce that Decántalo, a leading e-commerce company specializing in wines, has joined our growing roster of Selligent clients! The Barcelona company is one of the leading online wine merchants in Spain, serving all of Europe and the United Kingdom with a variety of fine wines from Europe’s primary wine-producing countries, including Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Decántalo will use Selligent to automate its digital marketing campaigns, optimizing online interactions with their customers and maximizing engagement with consumers.

It’s no secret that online wine sales have skyrocketed in recent years. The global wine industry is estimated to exceed $200 billion in 2025. Savvy winemakers have used digital channels to expand their market reach across borders, and to augment their traditional brick and mortar stores with a digital presence for continued business growth. Now, with the global pandemic and everyone on lockdown for months, buying your wine online has become the preferred channel for purchase for consumers everywhere, with alcohol consumption soaring. (In Britain, for example, alcohol sales jumped by 22 percent in March, as people stocked up to prepare for being stuck at home.) Consequently, smart companies are seeking new ways to reach consumers, and strengthen existing customer loyalty.

Decántalo is ready to do just that. The company will use Selligent’s innovative functionalities to increase customer loyalty and acquisition, as well as optimize customer experiences across multiple channels, including the web, email, mobile, and social, with personalized messaging and campaigns. The programs will cover all of Decántalo’s extensive offerings, with a portfolio of close to 5,000 national and international wines, in addition to supporting customer service in five languages.

With consumers continuing social distancing guidelines around the world, the time could not be better for Decántalo to increase and improve their engagement with customers via digital channels. Customers expect relevant, timely recommendations from brands today, and we’re excited to help Decántalo deliver, with omnichannel digital marketing campaigns and a highly-personalized customer approach.

Please join me in welcoming Decántalo as the latest addition to our expanding global client list. We’re looking forward to this new partnership. Cheers!

Click here to read the Selligent press release about our work with Decántalo.