Back-to-School Marketing Checklist 2023

Danny O'Reilly
June 23, 2023

It’s never been more difficult, nor important for marketers to build genuine, reciprocal relationships with consumers. In this short, frenetic back-to-school selling season, those that win will be the ones that deliver Relationship Marketing strategies that put the customer at the center of everything.

However, it can be tough to know what to prioritize and where to start. That’s why we put together this month-by-month Back-to-School Marketing Checklist, to give marketers a digestible guide on what to do to prime your email, build your audience and deliver truly personalized messaging from acquisition to loyalty and retention.

Back-to-School Marketing Checklist 2023

As we officially embark upon the summer months, consumers and the marketing they receive is focused on vacations, barbecues and what factor of sunscreen to slather themselves in. For proactive marketers however, the longer days signal the start of the second largest selling season in the calendar — back-to-school.

We may not even be in school recess, but the strategies implemented now will determine whether it will top marks, or an F come September. Right now, marketers can start by cleaning their database of stale or antiquated data, reviewing campaign performance from 2022 and leveraging interactive experiences to gather opt-ins, re-engage lapsed customers and collect zero-party data.

While this is a time of great marketers, consumers will give you the data you need to deliver better-personalized marketing, and they’re more engaged with loyalty programs than ever before. So sharpen your pencils, iron your shirt and straighten your tie. Let’s kick off the school year properly and deliver top-of-the-class relationship marketing, from acquisition through to loyalty.

Get ready for back-to-school 2023