Mobile Marketing 2023: What Marketer’s Need to Know to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Danny O'Reilly
June 13, 2023

It isn’t news that the proliferation of mobile phones shows no signs of abating. Yet in today’s digitally interconnected world, all too many brands have been left behind when it comes to meeting customer expectations on mobile. The modern consumer expects consistent user experiences across multiple channels, one-click checkout and lunch delivered at swipe of the finger, but in an era of 5g, their experiences are often akin to dial-up.

The importance of tailoring marketing efforts so they are mobile-first, rather than merely mobile-responsive cannot be overstated. With a staggering eight out of every 10 digital minutes residing on mobile and consumers reaching for their device hundreds of times a day – it’s clear that a fully-fledged mobile strategy is no longer a nice to have, but the keystone of any digital transformation.

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The state of play

Consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever before to make and research purchase decisions. Over half of consumers (55%) have used their mobile phone in-store to research a potential purchase, and half (50%) of consumers are showrooming — the practice of browsing products in-store but purchasing online or elsewhere. This all points to the significance for brands to have a full-fledged mobile strategy. 

Marketers must think of mobile as a collection of highly accessible touchpoints, whether it be SMS, MMS, mobile wallet, email, web, or mobile app to make a brand much more accessible to the consumer. Back-up with the right tech partner, mobile can be a channel for brands to engage, listen and influence customer behavior. 

For too long marketing has been a decidedly one-way affair, with brands seeking to push their message louder and further into more intimate contacts. However it’s not better marketing, just better targeting. Using mobile to engage in true two-way communications with consumers through legacy and emerging channels will be the next significant paradigm shift.

Building more meaningful relationships with mobile

The relationship between consumers and enterprises is moving from physical to digital at such velocity that to be effective, mobile channels are critical for driving engagement. 

Thinking about SMS, the ubiquity, immediacy, engagement and familiarity mean marketers can have high confidence to deliver a message to all customers, with it being read in a very short time. If one were to receive a fraud alert, you would want to receive it via SMS so you could act quickly rather than an email. This is about using mobile to put the customer at the heart of your digital marketing.

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Build more meaningful relationships with mobile