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Alexei Kounine

Alexei Kounine

Vice President, Innovation & Solution Consulting


Alexei is responsible for AI in Selligent's Product Marketing team. Alexei is a technology enthusiast with a particular interest in data science, machine-learning and SaaS. He was the co-founder and CEO of TasteHit, a startup developing AI-powered marketing tools for online retailers. Prior to founding TasteHit, Alexei spent 6 years at Cisco, where he has taken different roles in the Sales organization. Alexei holds an MA in Computer Science from the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland.

Shiny white robotic hand with pointer finger extended and reaching to press a button with Selligent Marketing Cloud logo on it

How AI Can Boost Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Jul 19, 2021  Artificial-Intelligence

Graphic image of a green sphere set against a purple background, with a series of connected lines on the sphere representing neural pathways and forming the shape of a human or artificial brain, with one line extending outside the brain, leading to a question mark, representing the question of “what’s next for artificial intelligence in marketing?”

What’s Next for AI in Marketing?

Sep 09, 2020  Artificial-Intelligence

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