Keeping Customers Engaged During Pandemic Lockdown with Personalized Email Journeys

HotelSpecials is a European hospitality expert and a leader in online booking in the leisure industry. The customer-centric company is part of BookerZzz, which has a strong digital presence, operating 19 websites in nine different countries.

No other industry was ravaged by Covid-19 like travel and hospitality. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, travel practically shut down overnight. When most countries closed their borders and initiated lockdowns, the industry was hit by an avalanche of canceled vacations. As customers found themselves stranded at home, travel providers issued vouchers in the monetary value of canceled bookings.

HotelSpecials wanted to help keep customers at ease during this time of severe pandemic lockdown. At the same time, the company needed to keep travel customers engaged at a time when no one was traveling. However, with no end of lockdown in sight, sentiments began to grow negative towards the vouchers and the delayed gratification.

To address this issue, HotelSpecials launched a series of emails built on Selligent’s templates, using dynamic content to improve spirits. Customized emails not only displayed voucher balances for each recipient, but offered personalized suggestions for trips once travel was possible again. Newsletters also provided top-asked questions about COVID-19 and messaging focused on how to travel safely. 

In this video, you’ll learn how HotelSpecials succeeded with this agile approach, increasing customer open rates, interaction, satisfaction, and leads.

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