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Major French garden center blossoms customer loyalty with post-pandemic campaign

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Botanic is the fourth-largest network of garden centers in France. With a strong emphasis on sustainable development and environmental protection, the family business maintains 70 points of sale in France and an e-commerce website.

The Challenge

Following the pandemic health crisis, French garden center Botanic wanted to be more benevolent and focused, nurturing customer loyalty with an approach more relational than transactional. Meeting customer expectations, the brand wanted to enhance its communications with more control, enhanced personalization, and a new brand experience to stand out from the competition.

With Selligent’s survey and data capture capabilities, together with the option for personalized communications, the campaign really blossomed our customer loyalty efforts. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers in emails and social media was instant proof that the individualized approach is the way to grow for Botanic.

Elodie Perillat

CRM Responsible, Botanic

Customer Loyalty:
The Path To Success

Working with Marigold Engage, the team tested its new approach with a loyalty campaign for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. True to the personal, customer-centric approach, the initiative prioritized personal data and preferences around the following milestones:

A customer survey asking whether customers wanted to receive a special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day email, or be opted out temporarily

Specific web pages acknowledging the choice and ‘pause’ in communications for customers opting out

The actual Mother’s Day and Father’s Day emails for opted-in customers, replete with personalized gift vouchers and AI-generated offers


Partner Profile

AI & DATA is the oldest data marketing company in France. Created in 1972, the company has built real expertise around data by intervening across its entire value chain, from data collection and standardization to marketing activation. Through all of these activities, AI & DATA seeks to develop for clients the value of the “data” capital, constituted by company data (commercial, relational, marketing, R&D, HR, GRC process traces – Customer Relationship Management), wherever it comes from (produced, collected, purchased, “open data”). The company is constantly training its data experts so they remain at the forefront with their skills, fed by research and innovation projects. AI & DATA also offers an academy training center to train clients in CRM and data science.


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