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The CMO Club Solution Guide: Consumer-First Martech

What can marketers do to stay focused on consumers? Selligent Marketing Cloud partnered with The CMO Club to survey over 70+ marketing leaders and conduct in-depth interviews with CMO's to understand how to make technology decisions that increase relevance for consumers. In this report, we’ll share those insights and also discuss "Consumer-First Martech", a concept that helps marketers stay truly focused on consumer needs when making complex marketing technology decisions.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for how to evaluate your current martech stack
  • How to use a consumer-first approach to finding the right solutions
  • Critical challenges associated with serving complex needs

The CMO Solution Guide also features several in-depth case studies from leading marketing executives in retail, financial services, healthcare, travel, and retail, as well as a framework for improving your consumer-first technology approach.

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