The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution in Digital Marketing

Thumbnail image of cover of Selligent eBook title “The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution in Digital Marketing”

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into marketing programs is redefining the marketing industry. AI allows marketers to draw on real-time customer data and deliver ultra-personalized, highly relevant customer experiences across channels and devices, at scale. Simply put, AI-powered personalization is the key to keeping your customers engaged – and driving greater ROI from your email marketing and digital marketing campaigns.

This ebook is designed for marketers who want to better understand AI technology and how to adopt it into their workflows. We look at:

  • The basics & fundamental premise of marketing AI
  • Recent & future advancements of AI for marketing
  • Success stories from brands that are tapping into AI-powered personalization
  • How AI is the answer to the new customer reality brought on by the global pandemic