Congratulations to ONE Marketing, our 2020 Northern Europe Partner of the Year!

Eva Maria Schmidt
July 29, 2020

This week, we would like to recognize and highlight another of our 2020 Selligent Partner Award winners. Congratulations to ONE Marketing, our 2020 Northern European Partner of the Year!

ONE Marketing has proven itself as a catalyst in the Danish market, enabling Selligent to further expand in the region successfully. Thanks to their regional knowledge and expertise across the spectrum of martech vendors and technologies, ONE Marketing saw the value that Selligent offered its clients. Today, ONE Marketing has become one of our strongest advocates across the Nordic market and has played a key part in shaping our strategy in the region. This has led to the onboarding of two new clients in the past year, including Danish energy company Ørsted, who won the prestigious Danish Digital Awards this year.

Bravo to Team ONE Marketing and congratulations once again! Like all of this year’s winners, ONE Marketing is a particularly strong advocate of Selligent, serving as a trusted advisor to clients and prospects, and delivering significant joint business value.

Our global community of partners is a diverse collection of exceptional partners who work closely with us to drive joint customer success. We present our awards every year to recognize their incredible creativity in leveraging the Selligent platform to deliver some of the world’s most inspiring digital marketing campaigns.

If you would like to become a Selligent Partner, we’d love to speak with you. Our program offers a wealth of resources and close collaboration to drive joint business success. Additionally, we tailor our program to fit each partner’s needs, while sharing some fundamental guiding principles: 1) flexibility to grow freely without program restrictions; 2) a focus on mutual business growth; and 3) an agility that allows Selligent to meet your needs and those of your clients quickly. Click here to learn more about our Selligent Partner Program.