With support for email, mobile, social, website, print, call center, and more, Selligent lets you engage consumers on their terms in the moments that matter.


Evolve your email marketing with advanced capabilities that are easy to use. Send millions of personalized messages in minutes from a global Email Service Provider (ESP) with deliverability expertise and cloud based infrastructure that scales for high volume.

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Personalized SMS and Push messaging is an effective way to grab attention and get customers to engage. Leverage profile data, online activity, and transactional history to create time-sensitive, location-based, value-driven communications that connect your customers to your brand when the time is right.

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Quickly launch personalized landing pages and web forms that easily integrate into your website and online campaigns. Customize each page with dynamic blocks of content driven by each visitor’s profile and behavior. Plus, automatically update website content in real time based on visitor activity.

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Selligent’s suite of social media solutions were developed specifically for the needs of the relationship marketer. Drive social connections and extend the reach of your cross-channel programs with powerful direct-response campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

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Add print and direct mail to multi-step consumer journeys to embrace true omnichannel marketing. Selligent makes it easy to use these powerful offline channels to increase the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns, while also ensuring relevance and respect across every customer touchpoint.

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Customer Care

The integration of customer service capabilities into a robust omnichannel marketing platform enables true 360-degree visibility across every customer touchpoint. Easily integrate online and offline contact history, configure workflows, track activities, and automatically trigger responses.

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