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Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that enables B2C brands to engage consumers across all critical channels.

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Omnichannel Execution

Easily create multi-step journeys and link behavior across all channels

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Email, Website & Mobile Personalization

Harness real-time contextual data to execute powerful personalization 

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AI and Machine Learning

Enhance product recommendations and leverage consumer intent

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How to Find the Perfect Marketing Platform: Your Complete Guide to Running a Successful RFP Process

Running a RFP process can feel like navigating a maze. With so many marketing solutions providers out there, how does anyone begin to make sense of it all?

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3 Secrets of Unstoppable Email Deliverability: Managing Sender Reputation, Avoiding Blacklists, and Getting to the Inbox

Getting emails into inboxes and in front of customers involves more than just hitting "send". In reality, deliverability can be one of the most confusing concepts in email marketing.

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What Marketers Need to Know About GDPR Compliance: A 5 Step Plan To Turn Data Protection into an Asset

The EU GDPR enforcement deadline is almost here!

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White Paper

Be Human and Turn GDPR To Your Advantage

Instead of dreading the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on May 2018, brands can use it to strengthen customer relationships.

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Great customer experiences? Not without new customer lifecycles!

In the era of personalized marketing, brands need to understand that digital transformation is fundamentally altering consumer expectations.

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Insight-Led Engagement: A New Approach to Nurture Consumer Relationships

Think back to the last time you’ve received (and deleted) a mistargeted promotional email in the past month. The past week? The past few days?

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Case Study

ODEON: A cinema giant dramatically increases customer acquisition with dynamic, personalized email programs

Marketing is hard. It's even harder when you don’t have the tech stack to support your game plan.

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Brille24 Case Study: Relevant customer dialogues at the right time

Brille24, is a leading German e-retailer specializing in high-quality prescription eyeglasses.

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ODEON: Driving excitement with blockbuster releases

ODEON leveraged customer excitement around their special collaboration with the Disney Junior Channel and the "Star Wars: Rogue One" film release with interactive emails and a robust communication

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