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Introducing Selligent Experiences, the zero-party data acquisition solution that gives you the insights you need to build relationships. Connect seamlessly with Selligent Marketing Cloud and create moments that matter.

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What can you do with Selligent Marketing Cloud?



Integrate customer data from your entire stack in real time

Segment, select, and target with evolving 360° view customer data profiles

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Expand your marketing capabilities with powerful automation

Automate your marketing capabilities with AI

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Reach every customer with omnichannel execution

Meet your consumers everywhere they are, at the perfect moment

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Increase revenue by catering to individual customers

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Boost your sales with Selligent, the marketing cloud expert 

What is the marketing cloud? 

This refers to a suite of marketing tools grouped within the same platform, enabling analysis, automation and management of omnichannel interactions with a brand’s customers and prospects. Selligent Marketing Cloud, your marketing automation solution, helps you boost the power of your marketing strategy, supporting you at every step in the customer journey. 

Marketing automation: innovative functionalities enhancing the customer experience journey

Thanks to the ability to connect this tool with your various software solutions (Customer Relationship Management, etc.), the AI (artificial intelligence) system retrieves and processes data related to your target in real time. It then uses this information to bring you recommendations concerning the audience to contact, the communication channels to activate (email or SMS campaigns, social media, etc.) and the subject lines to use. 

Create personalised marketing campaigns designed for your different audiences 

To improve your customers’ and prospects’ experience and engagement and increase your conversion rate, it is essential to establish a personalised customer journey map. The aim is to persuade the customer to purchase your products or services by sending them personalised marketing content suited to their requirements, via the right channel, and above all at the right time. 

The Selligent Marketing Cloud solution is equipped with an AI capability which, based on information gathered about your audiences, is able to recommend various contact scenarios (email, SMS, social media, etc.). Its automation features will enable you to expand your scope of activity, while retaining the resources already at your disposal. In addition, your marketers will have access to a marketing campaign report in order to analyse results and identify means of improvement for future campaigns. 

Selligent supports you with the implementation of your automation marketing campaigns 

The Selligent team is at your side, from solution demo through to campaign launch. Speak to one of our representatives to organise a complete presentation of the platform and its features for your company. They will guide you through configuration (connecting to data management systems and various communication channels, task automation, etc.), and advise you as you launch your first campaign, so that your messages correspond to your audience’s expectations, at each stage of the customer journey. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud is the essential tool for marketers in the B2C sector. It enables them to increase their sales and market share, without devoting more time to this task. Thanks to the “Report” feature, your team can obtain detailed results for a campaign in just a few clicks, and calculate the resulting ROI.  

What can you do with Selligent Marketing Cloud?