How Selligent Succeeds in Europe: An Interview with Selligent’s Vice President of Client Success

Selligent’s success in Europe stems from our dedication to understanding how key components like sales, marketing, and customer success work together. We help brands build their image, retain customers, and increase revenue. 

In a recent interview, Azadeh Williams, Founder & Director of AZK Media, interviews Ramses Bossuyt, Vice President of Client Success of Marigold Engage, who relays the ins and outs of our success in Europe. When it comes to brand success, we practice and develop not only go-to-market strategies but also internal collaboration with brands. As an essential key to our success, getting sales and marketing aligned with local sales teams and local marketing teams keeps our company operating effectively and efficiently, as one of the most trusted marketing cloud platforms in Europe. 

Selligent Measures Its Success

At Selligent, we have dozens of use case stories and success stories from clients that have been successful using Selligent to increase revenue and improve ROI, and ultimately answer any other business needs. With a great portfolio of brands that have trusted us for years, we’re able to dive into marketing, go-to-market teams, and sales teams to best understand the sales cycle, helping our partner brands realize that Selligent is not only a great product, but also a reliable business and technology partner. 

From a customer success point of view as well as go-to-market perspective, we contribute to our success with content, success stories, and testimonials. In fact, brands that work with us, in a way, become ambassadors of Selligent because they see how it adds value and helps them solve their business cases.

Value & Growth in Europe

Next to our value and cohesiveness, Selligent grows in Europe because we work to understand the diversity and the maturity of digital marketing throughout the continent. In addition, we recruit the right people with the best skill sets that embrace a cultural fit with Selligent.  

For Selligent, keeping a mature partner network is an important pillar to brand success in terms of implementation partners and technology partners. Crucial connections accelerate both businesses to grow and sustain business in Europe. Our localized, human approach not only in customer success but also in client-facing organizations offers support, deliverability, and the presence of people in matters such as those. Being local and approachable, and in the same language, has been a key differentiator in having real, human contact and interaction with brands.

With our customer-centric approach, Selligent acts as a trusted advisor to brands that use and grow with our product.

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