Case Study


Dutch travel auction platform boosts customer value and loyalty with VIP retention campaign

The Netherlands & Belgium

Founded in 2004, with headquarters in Amsterdam, Emesa BV is a leading e-commerce player in the travel services segment. Innovative websites such as VakantieVeilingen, SlaJeSlag and ActievandeDag offer deals and discounts ranging from gadgets, furniture and jewelry to trips, concerts, day spas, and resorts.

Emesa is the Dutch market leader in the products, travel and leisure sector for dynamic pricing, attracting 100 million visits per year and serving over three million satisfied consumers. The commitment to high quality has won Emesa the prestigious title of Website of the Year for five consecutive years, as the company continues to innovate the online buying experience

The Challenge

The online travel space has gotten more crowded in recent years. As Emesa found its active users solicited aggressively by competitors, the company’s CRM team was looking for ways to better engage – and retain – its most valuable customers.

By performing a data-mart analysis in Marigold Engage, the team attained valuable business insights: The top two percent of customers generate a whopping 20 percent of the company’s profits, according to customer scoring by Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM). Addressing these VIP customers with personally tailored experiences emerged as a logical way forward. But first, the CRM team needed to convince all internal stakeholders.

The most difficult challenge for us as the CRM team was to convince customer service, IT, front-end, and finance of our data-driven insights. However, as we had already been implementing data-driven campaigns in Selligent for around eight years, we were quickly able to demonstrate the added value of our initiatives.

Inge Bovee

Channel Lead, EMESA

Retention Campaign:
The Path To Success

With Selligent as the data and engagement backbone, Emesa won internal signoff and created a retention campaign aimed at VIP customers. Milestones of the data-driven campaign included:

Clearly segmented target group
of most valuable customers determined by RFM data and survey insights on preferred products and services.
Retention campaign
based on data-driven churn probability, targeting VIP customers after one week of inactivity to promote fast-paced website auctions
Customer loyalty campaign
incentivizing customers to continue winning auctions. After every fifth successful bid, customers receive a promotional email designed like a scratch-off lottery ticket with a chance to win prizes.
Tailored customer service
with contact center agents accessing customer value and profile data through Selligent. Also debt deferral and exclusive option to renege on completed auctions, realized via data integration with finance department.


Adopting a data-driven approach with Selligent achieved a tremendous lift to Emesa’s loyalty initiative on two levels: First, establishing a process to track customer value KPIs via Selligent provided a basis for the CRM team to share results directly with stakeholders in IT, customer service, and finance departments and win full internal support.

Second, the segmented focus on VIP customers paid direct dividends, including metrics such as: Looking ahead, the CRM team wants to maintain its datadriven focus to delight customers with additional laserfocused campaigns in Selligent.

“Having worked with marketing automation tools in the past, I have found Selligent to be far beyond competitors in our required functionalities,” said Jeroen Nijsen, Marketing Automation Lead at Emesa, adding: “With Selligent, it is very easy for us as CRM, marketing, and customer intelligence teams to put datadriven use cases into production with only limited support from data engineers.”

250 %
growth in margins for loyalty prize promotion campaign through gamification
10 %
VIP customer group growth over course of four-month campaign

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