Selligent Certification

Davy Fraussen
July 17, 2020

This summer, we’re proud to launch Selligent Certification, a free program to better enable our clients and partners on our platform. The program consists of a series of exams – online theoretical tests in a variety of areas. We are currently offering certifications in the following modules:

And coming soon, we will be adding a module for Marigold Engage – Advanced.

All you need to do to begin is register online at the site – and you’re off! Register for the exam of your choice. The exam is an online theoretical test to be answered in a time limit of two hours, with your final score displayed upon completion of the exam. There’s no limit to how many exams you can take. Each one can be taken at any time that’s convenient for you, but they must be taken within 14 days of registration. A score of 60% is required to pass the exam. You may register to retake any exam you do not pass after 90 days. All certificates are valid for two years.

Selligent Learning

Certification is the latest offering in our Selligent Learning program. In addition to use-case-specific training and coaching as a part of onboarding, a help portal is available within the UI for all users. The help portal gives users access to all updated features for recent releases, examples of use cases, and online video-based tutorials to help inform about new functionalities. General platform help is also available and, similar to the release notes, has walk-throughs, explanations, and sample use cases for all platform functionality. Several times a year, we conduct classroom training on general platform use, and we can also provide customized training or onsite training by request. And our client portal offers a variety of materials and tutorials, as well.

Register now!

We encourage our clients and partners to take advantage of certification. It’s a great opportunity to validate your skills and expertise in different areas of our product. Visit our training site to see the different modules offered and to get started.

To learn more about Selligent Certification, any of our modules, or to get started, visit our training site: