Marketing Inspiration: A Coffee Chat with our client Courir

Régis Le Goff
May 20, 2022

Welcome to the first in our new “Coffee Chat” series of informal interviews with the people behind the creative use cases of our Selligent platform: our clients and partners!

We are constantly inspired by the work of our clients and partners, and the creative, successful ways they use Marigold Engage to power their marketing programmes. These are the people who infuse our technology with creative spirit – and bring our platform to life. To honor their outstanding work and celebrate our collaborative relationships, we present these casual conversations, and we invite you to get to know some of the people behind the scenes.

Our first chat is with Thillel BA, CRM and Customer Experience Project Manager for Courir, interviewed by our own Régis Le Goff, Client Success Manager for Selligent in France.

I would recommend Selligent for its well-designed features that address the need of digital marketers for hyper-personalisation. 

Thillel BA

CRM and Customer Experience Project Manager for Courir

About Courir

First founded in 1980, Courir is the number one sports footwear specialist in France – and a long-time Selligent client. With 283 stores in France and 320 across Europe, the Courir brand has established itself as the leader in sports fashion footwear, particularly amongst women and young people in the 15 to 25-year-old age group. 

Regis: Can you introduce yourself and share how and when you got started with Courir?

Thillel: My name is Thillel BA and I have been working at Courir since the end of 2016. I joined Courir as the first person in the CRM department as a Project Manager, which gave me the opportunity of a rewarding position with a broad scope, both in terms of management and projects. I’ve just been promoted to CRM and Customer Experience Project Manager, and this promotion will enable us to accelerate our target CRM architecture.

Regis: What characterizes your brand?

Thillel: Founded in 1980, Courir is THE reference for sneakers in France with a fashionable and feminine positioning. Courir shops are aimed at an urban 15-25 year old clientèle and offer the best of the major sneaker brands. With its selection of sneakers, ready-to-wear and fashion accessories for men, women and children, Courir meets the expectations of a whole generation.

Marketing Aspirations

Regis: What’s one marketing project you would love for your team to take on in the next year?

Thillel: I would like to push the individualisation of the relationship even further, both on the product side and the customer side, to have an even more targeted customer journey in real time. We would also like to integrate the Wallet channel into the marketing channel mix, to diversify the points of contact and adapt the channels in case of inactivity on the traditional channels. 

Additionally, we would like to take over the transactional emails currently sent by the e-commerce platform in order to have better traceability of the campaigns sent and to complete the 360° vision of the customer that we have thanks to the Single Customer View.

Why Marigold Engage

Regis: Why did you choose Selligent?

Thillel: When I came to Courir, Selligent had already been chosen. But I can tell you why we didn’t change. It’s because the solution suits us, because it’s intuitive and easy to use. And if there is a bug, the tool’s experts quickly unblock it.

Moreover, this solution interconnects easily with our various tools. This is particularly true for the SMS channel, for which we have a native connector, which allows us to orchestrate the sending of SMS directly from Selligent.

Regis: What‘s your favourite Selligent feature and why?

Thillel: Our preferred functionality today is called Smart Content. This artificial intelligence engine offers algorithms that allow us to individualise the customer relationship as much as possible by relying on browsing, online and offline purchasing behaviour, in an omnichannel way.

It is important to remember that Courir has almost 300 shops in France alone. Therefore, in order to be able to propose the most relevant product purchase recommendations, we cannot only take online purchases into account, but we also have to consider everything that happens in our shops, too. AI must feed on online and offline behaviour – and this is what Smart Content does.

Regis: What is it like working with the teams at Selligent? 

Thillel: The Selligent teams are very available and agile. They make sure they understand our needs perfectly to recommend the best possible solution.

Regis: Why would you recommend Selligent?

Thillel: I would recommend Selligent for its well-designed features that address the need of digital marketers for hyper-personalisation. 

Regis: To finish off this interesting conversation, would you like to share your favourite marketing slogan or quote? 

Thillel: “It is not the strongest species that survives. Nor the most intelligent. But the one that is most responsive to change.”

Regis: What an inspiring way to end our interview! Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us.

We hope you enjoyed this conversation! Thanks to Thillel and Courir for their partnership. It is a pleasure to work with you.

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