Introducing Our New and Improved Client Portal

Eva Maria Schmidt
July 16, 2020

We’re pleased to announce our re-designed and re-launched Client Portal, giving our global clients more efficient ways to improve their marketing strategies and maximize their use of the Selligent platform.

We are committed to building out this portal as a hub for all Selligent-related needs, whether it be to share best practices, provide updates on new and improved platform functionality and technical capabilities, or virtually gather clients for educational and inspiring events.

The portal features an updated and highly sophisticated search, and our discovery assistant, ‘Selli,’ to help clients navigate content more easily. Selli serves as a guide through the portal experience, using our very own artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing capabilities to surface the most relevant information.

Client Portal

We’re very excited to use our own Selligent technology to pilot this client-portal, including our Smart Content capability, which leverages our AI engine, Marigold Recommendations, to serve up content based on interest and previously accessed information. Selligent’s engine actively looks at a client’s content consumption behavior and recommends similar content they may be interested in viewing. Leveraging AI-powered content analytics, this will result in uniquely tailored experiences for clients, with content better aligned with specific roles and interests.

Built from the ground-up, the newly-revamped portal is designed to:

Our goal is to provide ongoing value and efficiency for our clients and deliver the most relevant content – always. For clients that don’t yet have access to our refreshed client portal, please reach out to your Client Success Manager and we’ll get you set up ASAP!

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