Robust Customer Profiles for Optimal Engagement

Since their beginnings in 1926, HEMA has grown to become a ubiquitous Dutch brand where nearly all Dutch families are customers. Their original, self-crafted household goods earned HEMA the vote for “Most Indispensable Brand in the Netherlands” eight times. Today, they’re focused on ensuring the daily lives of their customers are easy and fun, because customer centricity is a priority.

Retailers are no longer just sellers of goods; they’re content providers and thought leaders who connect and inspire their audience. Since every individual has a unique desire for how, when, and what they want to be engaged with, brands must understand the dynamics of their audience to engage in an effective way. 

With their partner Springbok, HEMA aimed to drive engagement, loyalty, and conversion by leveraging unique customer profiles informed by customer data. This would allow them fully understand the best ways to engage each individual. 

Campaigns informed by advanced decisioning utilizing personalized touches and content meant the HEMA team needed a singular content hub to streamline creation and deployment for optimal results. 

Watch now to learn how HEMA effectively increased engagement across channels and dramatically drove revenue with Marigold Engage, Site and Cortex.

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