Fun, Interactive Omnichannel Campaign Boosts Revenue

JBC is a Belgian clothing chain with stylish options for every member of the family; from mom to dad, baby to toddler, and even maternity-wear for moms-to-be. With a catalogue for the whole family, knowing the needs and preferences for each shopper is crucial in enabling effective and relevant communication, which makes collecting customer data a priority.

JBC and their partner Dignify wanted to collect customer data and drive revenue by converting one-time customers into consistent customers, and consistent customers into loyal customers.


With the ease of online shopping and an infinite number of competitors, brands have to work harder than ever to earn customer loyalty. To cut through the noise, JBC needed to communicate through multiple channels and offer real value in exchange for engagement. Their “Born to Win” contest did just this; the campaign successfully combined over 5 different channels for optimal results. 

With Sellegent, JBC leveraged a fun, interactive digital game with instant rewards to engage customers beyond the transaction while collecting a significant amount of customer data. This exchange of value led to one out of every three shoppers participating. JBC not only increased their amount of new customers and re-engaged existing customers, but also saw a record increase in sales. 

Watch this video to learn how this interactive, omnichannel campaign is directly responsible for driving revenue for JBC.

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