understand your visitors

Integrate data from all sources and customer interactions to create a 360° view.





Generate a “super profile” for each visitor - known and unknown - so that you can retarget with the highest degree of relevance and efficiency.


Unified profile

Analyze and target based on a complete view of each customer - data from all sources is stored in relational tables associated to a unique ID.

Flexible data model

Capture profile information, online behavior and response history, purchase detail and 3rd party data. The data schema is defined by your requirements and tables can be added or modified as new sources emerge.

Data quality

Get the most correct and current view of your customer information - hygiene, merge, de-dupe, cleanse and integrate from all sources automatically upon import.

Visual exploration

Drill down through charting, trees, bubbles, and grids to find the most profitable audience segments, and use Venn diagrams to identify overlaps and untapped segments.

Profiling and scoring

Sophisticated data mining + behavioral tracking + unified profile = clearly identified patterns and trends, converted into actionable indicators for segmentation and personalization.

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