Customized, personalized messaging via Push and SMS is an effective way to engage consumers during critical moments. Time-sensitive, location-based behavior and profile data provides valuable insight that can be leveraged to connect your customers to your brand when the time is right.

Key Benefits

SMS Messaging

Boasting high open rates, SMS is a great channel to integrate into your campaigns for time-sensitive information that you want your contacts to see. 

  • Drag and Drop workflow with inline preview
  • Point and click to segment and personalize 
  • Emoji’s and custom styling support
  • Multi-language capability
  • Real time results 
  • Connectors available

Push Messaging

Our SDK easily integrates with your app to deploy notifications on the locked screen or in app messaging as components of omnichannel customer journeys. 

  • Customizable SDK
  • Permission management
  • Enrich with icons, emojis, sound alerts, images video or call to action buttons
  • Deep link from notification to app pages

In-app Messaging

Integrate in-app messaging into campaigns as a way of creating a richer app experience by providing the user with personalized messages that can be used to drive conversions.

  • Reach the over 40% that haven’t opted in for notifications 
  • Deliver to inbox or as app pop-ups
  • Engage with action buttons, surveys, product ratings or subscription prompts
  • Active link to dial a phone, trigger an email or launch a webpage
  • Support for message queuing, expiration dates, cadence controls and opt-out management and content approval management

Location Based Messaging

Create powerful mobile marketing campaigns by using your consumers’ live location and historical data to send personalized location triggered messages.

  • Use a combination of geo-fencing and beacon capabilities
  • Include triggers directly within your journeys
  • Enrich user profiles with last known location

Mobile Data

Mobile as a native element of our cloud solution enables you to immediately leverage the data you gather to connect to the device to the person for a deeper personalization experience
  • Upon app download you automatically capture time zone, language, opt in status, platform/version, and country code 
  • After first login the device is tied to the profile and you can easily send personalize notifications based on all profile data even if they aren’t logged into the app

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