Email, Website & Mobile Personalization

Easily nurture more profitable customer relationships with relevant messaging to each person’s current context. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you will be able to deliver personalized, data-driven content in the moment and across all channels by tying real-time behavioral data to each individual consumer profile.

Our powerful personalization and dynamic content tools enable you to use drag-and-drop functionality to deliver true real-time contextual marketing across all channels. Take your consumers on a journey and enhance their buying experience so that each interaction with your brand is unique, yet always relevant.

Capture and reward your consumers' attention by providing them with deeper information about recently browsed products, stock levels, nearby store, relevant offers and so much more, all in real-time in the moment they open.


Key Benefits

Leverage universal profile data

Effortlessly leverage Universal Profile data such as purchase history, inventory and profile data in order to send relevant messages that reflect real-time changes in consumer behavior and business conditions. Harnessing Universal Profile data will enable you to alert consumers when inventory is running low, increase cross-sell purchases and order values, and instantly provide offer-based updates on recently purchased or browsed items via different channels.

Easily create dynamic content all in one place (WYSIWYG, drag and drop)

Selligent Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to create complex messaging, which automatically displays real-time content, with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. Intuitively drag and drop your widgets into your templates and simply define and build your contextual content. Easily adapt your content based on any number of real-time conditions with our advanced rule builder. Our simple interface helps you craft complex scenarios to serve up dynamic content when it matters most – no coding necessary!


Adapt, optimize, and update content on-open

When, where, and how a consumer interacts with your message is an essential driver of contextual messaging. Open-time personalization uses important situational data such as time, location and device in order to ensure your marketing messages are personalized and relevant at the time of open, not when sent. With this form of Live Content, you can ensure your messages are always pertinent, regardless of where, when and how your message is viewed. 

Use external and internal interaction data

Personalize your messaging with real-time contextual data points. Consumers generate data through the browsing process and at every point of interaction with your brand. With Selligent Marketing Cloud’s Live Content capabilities you can easily use this data to connect with consumers on a deeper level and send messages which include the nearest store to your consumer’s location. Optimize the content based on the device type used, include countdown clocks to create urgency, and also provide product recommendations based on weather, temperature and previous purchase or interest.


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