AI & Machine Learning

Selligent Cortex brings you AI user engagement capabilities across all channels. Our learning algorithms will analyze your data in real time and remove the guesswork from your consumer data.

Selligent Cortex makes use of data science and machine learning algorithms to boost conversion, visitor engagement and loyalty - from automatically segmenting audiences, to optimizing your consumer journeys and selecting the right offer for the right individual at the right time.

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Key Benefits

Available out of the box

Selligent Marketing Cloud includes Selligent Cortex's AI & Machine Learning capabilities. It is a living, breathing part of the platform and is available to help optimize every aspect of your brand’s marketing communications, from offers to audiences and journeys. 

Data-driven user experience

With Selligent Cortex, users are able to apply data science that combines consumer profiles, behavioral and demographic data, and business logic to deliver, in real-time, new highly relevant products and offers across every customer touchpoint.

Data scientists need not apply – Selligent Cortex has been designed for marketers, not analysts or “techies.” Users can simply pick the right algorithm, define their own business rules and then let the data go to work.

Machine learning-based algorithms

Selligent Cortex’s algorithms crunch large volumes of data for each individual website visitor to ensure the most accurate predictions are made.

Product recommendations can be based on either personalized recommendations based on a specific customer’s behavior, or statistical calculations or items added to a wish list.

Omnichannel personalization for known and unknown customers

Data-driven algorithms enable you to create the best experience for your customers by using the best available data, for both known or unknown website visitors.

Automatically build relevant content and personalized experiences for every customer, in real time, regardless of channel.

Always stay in control

Combine our standard algorithms with your own business logic for all possible scenarios with a wide range of filters, such as showing products of the same size, color or price range, to the product viewed / carted, and define qualifying criteria for which customers will see a particular offer, or set of offers.


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