Generate customer loyalty with custom experiences

In the travel and hospitality business, marketers are laser-focused on generating and maintaining customer loyalty through highly personalized messages. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps you understand and respond to customers based on their real-time time needs and your available inventory.

Respond to real-time data

The pricing and availability of travel and hospitality products are in constant flux, which makes it a challenge to keep customers up-to-date with accurate information. Selligent Marketing Cloud’s real-time data and open-time personalization capabilities enable you to ensure message is relevant – even after it’s sent.

Nurture long-term relationships

Your ability to nurture and maintain customer loyalty is the key factor in whether your customers book travel with you or your competition. Selligent Marketing Cloud’s drag-and-drop journey builder enables you to create multi-step lifecycle campaigns that anticipate customer needs and deliver value in every message. 

Provide a personal experience

Welcome new visitors with white-glove care.  Use the data you have about returning guests to make their experience even more special by predicting what they might want or need and offering it before they ask. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps you leverage your data to deliver highly dynamic and personal communications  throughout the booking process – and beyond.

Build stronger relationships

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we know that loyalty begins with recognition and reward and then evolves through recommendation and word-of-mouth. We integrate with industry-leading loyalty partners and offer native solutions for managing and promoting loyalty points as well as incentivized referral programs and feedback capture.

Take action

When it comes to travel, people are both spontaneous and habitual.  Selligent Marketing Cloud helps you take advantage of every opportunity to nurture both on-the-fly and repeat bookings. Keep your properties top of mind with targeted promotional campaigns and automated lifecycles for unbooked, booked, and post-stay feedback.