Selling is about delivering a good retail experience

Your customer expects exemplary, fast, personalized service. Selligent helps retailers of all kinds streamline communication processes and merge analytics with content to create authentic and compelling customer experiences.

Find the right customers

Find your high performers - and target people who have similar profiles. Selligent helps retailers identify audiences based on their historic and present behavior. With our unique capability to track, target, and analyze both customers and anonymous visitors, you can focus on reaching the best possible profile for your business and convert prospects into profit.

Give them what they need

Your customer wants an experience unique to them and their immediate needs. Real-time online dialogues with your customer—whether it’s on their mobile, on the web, or in their social stories—depends on having your part of the conversation ready and waiting as soon as they engage. Selligent’s automated personalization message capability helps retailers marry their message to the moment.

Mobile is your new window display

Shopping and buying with mobile is the new norm. With Selligent, you can incorporate push and SMS into your customer journeys. Our responsive design content tools ensure that your customers will have a positive brand experience every time they access.

Build loyalty through relationship

Always be authentic. Show your customers that you really know them with precise personalization in every message. Embrace Consumer-First Marketing with easy-to-use tools that enable you to understand customer behavior across channels and respond appropriately in real-time. 

Happy customers spread the word

Support and incentivize your customers as they tell their friends about your brand. Selligent can help you develop word-of-mouth campaigns and encourage reviews through our forms and features.