Every message matters, so get it right every time

Consumers hold financial services firms to a higher standard than companies in other industries. Trust is key, and it can be undone with one ill-timed or incorrect message. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps ensure every communication is accurate and up to update – even after you “hit send.”

It’s about trust

Your customers share their most sensitive information with you, which means all of your vendors are held to a higher standard for security. ISO certified for years, Selligent Marketing Cloud has been tested by many of the world’s leading financial organizations. Our service teams pride themselves on their superior data stewardship.

Lifetime value is valuable

You need to help your customers stay on top of best practices, breaking news, and industry trends.  Provide them with the valuable information they need before they ask for it.  As financial situations change, Selligent Marketing Cloud can help you harness your content and match it to the moment for every investor.

Data should be real-time

With financial markets constantly changing, access to real-time data is the only way to remain relevant with your customers. Selligent Marketing Cloud allows you to trigger messages when rates change, and even update offer information after you hit “send.” See what’s possible with secure, real-time data connections. 

Continuous connection is key

In today’s 24/7 society, consumers demand access at all times and on all devices. We can help you incorporate mobile into your strategy, incorporating push and SMS into your consumer relationships.

Investing should be personal

Using behavioral and demographic data to personalize and predict the kinds of engagement your customers want will increase customer loyalty. Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it easy to leverage your customer data in appropriate and effective ways.