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Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that enables B2C brands to engage consumers across all critical channels.

Omnichannel Execution

Easily create multi-step journeys and link behavior across all channels

Email, Website & Mobile Personalization

Harness real-time contextual data to execute powerful personalization 

AI and Machine Learning

Enhance product recommendations and leverage consumer intent

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Data-Driven Marketing: 5 key steps to help build a more efficient customer data architecture

Almost every marketing organization has the goal of integrating its data, not least because marketers understand that communicating with a consistent message across all channels is the way forward.

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Holiday Marketing Plan

When the holidays roll in, it can feel like non-stop rollercoaster of things that have to get done for marketing execution.

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The Customer Loyalty Playbook: Five Marketing Strategies to Drive Engagement and Retention

Take off your marketing hat for a moment and consider how many “loyalty” emails you delete as a consumer. What about loyalty cards? How many do you have?

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White Paper

Be Human and Turn GDPR To Your Advantage

Instead of dreading the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on May 2018, brands can use it to strengthen customer relationships.

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Great customer experiences? Not without new customer lifecycles!

In the era of personalized marketing, brands need to understand that digital transformation is fundamentally altering consumer expectations.

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Insight-Led Engagement: A New Approach to Nurture Consumer Relationships

Think back to the last time you’ve received (and deleted) a mistargeted promotional email in the past month. The past week? The past few days?

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Case Study

Coolblue: A Dynamic, Post-purchase Campaign

With exponential growth comes a cost: e-commerce powerhouse Coolblue is one of the fastest growing companies in the Dutch retail sector, but while the brand was succeeding in terms of revenue, prod

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Vakantie Veilingen: An Automated CRM Approach To Customer Care

Online auction leader Vakantie Veilingen noticed below-optimal performance numbers and immediately dove into understanding the issue.

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Massaboutique: Supercharging Lead Generation with Robust Customer Profiles

Luxury fashion retailer Massaboutique realized that the upcoming holiday shopping season provided an excellent opportunity to gather customer data and drive more targeted strategic customer experie

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