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What We Do

Selligent is a B2C Marketing Automation platform that enables marketers to build relationships with their individual customers across different channels.


The right message at the right time and place.


Long-term, loyal customer relationships


Thorough, intuitive data and optimization.

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  • Email

    “Selligent has given us much better visibility into our email programs, which has led to greater customer relevancy, improved conversions, and increased revenue.”

    - HAYNEEDLE More About Email
  • Mobile

    "Selligent helped us understand that we needed to speak to our mobile customer differently. They helped us revamp our whole strategy to create a mobile-first experience."

    - EXTRA SPACE STORAGE More About Mobile
  • Social

    “Selligent’s approach of tapping social motivators to drive sharing behavior is unique in the marketplace, and its easy integration with our existing email program, plus comprehensive testing and tracking, made it the logical choice for us.”

    - MINT.COM More About Social
  • Website

    “ With Selligent, we are able to combine booking data, personal data, click behavior and even search behavior on our website, cumulating in a unique rich data profile for every customer and prospect.”

    - THOMAS COOK More About Website
  • Print

    Consumer interaction with your brand is online and offline, and your marketing needs to be too. See what’s possible when you integrate print and direct mail into your campaigns.

    More About Print
  • Customer Care

    Your marketing needs to know what’s happening in the call center. Our integrated solution makes it easy to access full contact history, configure workflows, track activities, and automatically trigger responses.

    More About Customer Care


Our natively integrated solution is quick to install, simple to use, and easy on the bottom line.