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The marketer's quandary

Today’s hyper-connected consumers use multiple screens simultaneously. And they expect you to have coordinated messaging that’s in sync with what they need - right now.

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To reach audiences with the right message at the right time and in the right way, you need technology that supports your strategy.


We know what you’re up against

  • Data housed in disconnected systems
  • IT teams that are over-burdened and under-resourced
  • Multiple vendors for email, mobile, social, web, operational messages
  • Integration issues between software and systems
  • Inbound customer care processes that are not woven into marketing streams
  • Poor visibility into prospect and customer behavior

and we know what you need: selligent

One solution that flexibly houses and manages all data - regardless of source - updates in real time and ties all data back to the individual.

Increase efficiency and market smarter by leveraging a single software solution for data aggregation, audience segmentation, email, mobile, social, web and customer care.


Selligent: The usability that marketers need

Our interface is simple and approachable. Create multi-touch, omnichannel campaigns, decision branching and test cells, with drag and drop ease. Explore the data and target audiences without support from analytics teams.


Selligent: The flexibility that technologists need

The foundation of the platform is flexible, scalable and secure. Data models are designed around your schema and can be modified via the interface as programs evolve. We have an open API architecture and a robust ETL that can be modified through the online interface to ensure that data exchange is flexible and integration is seamless. Notifications and online reporting give transparency to every task.


Integrated marketing requires integrated technology

Being responsive requires automation and coordination. Real-time online dialogue with your customer—whether it’s on their mobile, on the web, or in their social stories—depends on having your part of the conversation ready and waiting as soon as they engage.


Selligent’s integrated technology enables you to develop a truly integrated dialogue.

  • Flexible data management and universal profiles that tie all data back to the individual consumer
  • Campaign creation tools for email, mobile, social, and web with dynamic capability to deliver content generated from profile data
  • Target capability to capture browsing behavior and react and retarget immediately
  • Lifecycle journey map tools for campaign automation to tie it all

the answer: selligent

Selligent’s platform enables you to engage and activate your audience

  • Rapid onboarding
  • Training and support
  • Solution design and custom implementation
  • Global partnership network of leading agencies and
  • Fully managed packages

Connect. Engage. Activate.

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