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One platform. Infinite possibilities.

No matter which path customers and site visitors take, you can greet them with meaningful personalized experiences when they arrive.


Selligent offers you superior customer acquisition and development capabilities


A true omnichannel solution for audience engagement



Email: Rely on our high-performance global ESP and scalable cloud-based infrastructure

Mobile: Track and associate mobile interactions to customer profiles

Social: Enrich customer profiles with social data from media platforms

Web: Create and optimize personalized pages for all visitors

Customer care: Integrate online/offline contact history, configure workflows, track activities and automatically trigger responses


Link behavioral and customer data in real time

Our Target module allows you to track and retarget to every visitor. Our proprietary tracking tags allow you to gather on-domain browsing data and create unified profiles for anonymous visitors or update the existing profiles of identified customers. Use simple guided workflows to analyze and define your audiences based on their actions, purchase history, or CRM profile data. And then retarget those audiences based on the rules you established in your lifecycle campaigns.


Lifecycle management lets you build relationships

Map your marketing to your customers' needs. With our easy-to-use graphical interface, you can design complex life-cycle campaigns—incorporating touches across channels, test cells, online and offline rules, and much more. Drive higher conversion rates and larger purchases by building a relationship with your customers; Selligent makes it simple for you to define the business rules you need to provide relevant content and calls-to-action that customers value.


Maintain a 360° view of each visitor/customer

Increase engagement, loyalty and conversion. Selligent’s universal profile gives you a complete 360° view of each visitor/customer so that you can target with individualized content and timely offers.

No more manually merging data from different sources. Selligent’s platform creates a single unified profile for anonymous visitors and identified contacts alike. Serving as your operational marketing database, the platform allows you to cost effectively analyze and activate your on-domain browsing history, personal data, purchase data, online behavioral data, response data, and other supplied data sets.

Upsell based on recent activity. Use Selligent Target’s proprietary tracking technology and real-time behavior-based updating to help you make the most of the information at your fingertips.


Understand your visitors

Integrate data from all sources and customer interactions to create a 360° view.

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Engage your audience

Delight and inspire by returning the right message at the point of interaction. Our simple yet sophisticated tools make it easy.

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Analyze, optimize, convert

Complex testing tools, automated retargeting, and aCI suite that enables you to identify and improve upon success

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