September 2020

Admin Configuration

The overview of Selligent users now also displays the username which is used to log on to the environment. Previously, only a concatenation of the first and last name was visible on the overview.

When searching for a user from the overview, both the name and the username fields will be searched for a match.

Journey Enhancements

The Papaya (v4.6) Release supports the ability to use monthly scheduling options for Recurring Batch and Custom Journeys. Users can now select one or more days of the month, as well as a time of the day, for a journey to be scheduled for execution. These options can be set on the properties panel of the journey.

Content Block Enhancements

While creating messages in Source Mode, Content Blocks now are rendered in the Design tab providing users with a more realistic preview. Previously, this preview was only available for messages created in the Responsive Editor.

Fly-Out Menu Enhancements

Within the Papaya (v4.6) Release, pinned items have been removed from the Recent overview and are now only visible from the Favorites tab in the fly-out menu.

There is a real-time update of the favorite items when adding or removing the star.

Favorites are now also available for lists. Previously, this was only for content and journeys.

Favorite items can now be sorted and filtered.

Data Sync Enhancement

Several data sync enhancements have been made within this release.

When synchronizing records between Selligent and an external tool, the user can now see a list of the records that failed during synchronization and the reason why. In case of a long list of failed records, only the first 10 failed records are shown.

The History of the synchronization allows you to expand the different synchronization runs and view the details.

When synchronization fails before the individual records are captured, the system doesn’t know how many records would have been included in the sync. In that case, ‚Unknown‘ is shown instead of the number of failed records.

Google Customer Match

Within the Oroblanco (v4.5) Release, the option was added to use fields other than the email address to match a Selligent contact with a Google record. Within the Papaya (v4.6) Release, a clear note is added to the Google Customer Match Component to inform users of limitations to how these fields need to be combined.

General UX Enhancements

Several UX enhancements have been made within the Papaya (v4.6) Release.

Styling of the following notifications in Selligent Marketing Cloud have been improved to increase readability:

  • Warning in the attachment pane inside a message.
  • Notification in the basic properties screen of a message.
  • Error when creating a connector in the Admin Config chapter.

Some UX improvements have been made to the visibility constraint section on all types of Attachment dialogs (‘contact’, ‘appointment’ and ‘file’).


Several new methods have been added to the API:

  • Retrieval of Smart Content recommendations
  • List sharing is now supported
  • Brand filtering is now supported
  • Retrieval of records run in a data sync
  • Lookup in transactional API is now also possible using the Selligent ID field. Previously, this was only possible using the email.


Dictionaries and labels are now sorted alphabetically in the personalization editor. Previously, these were sorted by creation date.


Several feature spotlight videos explaining specific features and how to use them have been added. These videos are available from the corresponding topics in the Online Help:

  • SMS Inbound Stop Request
  • Approval Management
  • Content Versioning

The Consumer Intelligence learning course is now also available from the learning center. It comprises following 5 videos:

  1. Introduction to CI
  2. Data Exploration
  3. Segmentation & Selection
  4. Analytics & Venn Diagram
  5. Advanced Analytics: Profiling & Decision Tree

With the introduction of the New Admin Configuration, all existing Campaign-SMC comparison videos have been updated to reflect changes regarding the configuration tool.

A new trouble shooting section has been added for Facebook Audiences, listing common questions and issues, and how to solve them.