June 2020

Journey Enhancements

The Maypop (v4.3) Release introduces the ability to cancel journeys mid-execution. Cancelling a journey will stop sending new emails, as well as cancel emails that are currently scheduled for execution, ensuring they do not arrive in the recipient’s inbox.

When cancelling a journey, users receive a warning message explaining the impact. Users must re-confirm to cancel the journey, or they can revoke the request.

Once a journey is cancelled, it is visually indicated in both the status of the journey and in the reporting.

This feature is available for Single Batch, Recurring Batch, AB, and Custom Journeys.

Content Block Enhancements

The feature to preview Content Blocks in Design mode was introduced in the Lilly Pilly (v4.2) release. In this release, the preview content is now immediately displayed when selecting or changing the Content Block in your message.

Data Management Enhancements

A History page has been added to Data Syncs. This provides the start date and duration of the data sync, as well as the number of records created, updated and failed for each sync task.

Users can also view the source and destination tables for the data sync, including the synchronization schedule.

User Experience Enhancements

Selli, who was introduced in the Lilly Pilly (4.2) release, now appears on the session expiration page.

Keep an eye out in future releases, as Selli will be making more appearances within the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform to provide helpful information to users.

Mobile SDK Enhancements

Our Mobile Android SDK now supports the ability to set the color for the notification icon for a mobile message.

Note this is only available after the publish of the SDK on Github.