March 2021

Journey Optimisation

We’re happy to announce three enhancements that will optimize your journey performance across digital channels.

  • The Lookup Component can now retrieve data that can be loaded and used for personalization within a message. When using the Lookup Component in a journey, simply toggle the “Load Data” button and the matched data will be loaded and utilized in the journey and associated messages.
  • Introducing Delivery Optimization! For Custom Journeys starting with a Single Batch Component, you can now utilize Send-Time Optimization to automatically determine the best send-time for individuals. This will make sure your emails land in your consumer’s inboxes at the time they’re most likely to open.
  • Drive more relevant abandoned cart journeys using Site Abandoned Cart data for personalization or in visibility constraints. For example, when a visitor puts an item in their basket and is offered a pop-in offer of 15% off, an Abandoned Cart journey can be triggered with this same offer ensuring consistency, reducing confusion and increasing conversion

Platform Usability

We want you to be autonomous and efficient in our platform. We’ve listened to your feedback and have added some additional options to improve the overall flexibility of Selligent and provide you with more control. Read on for our most recent updates:

  • We’ve made it easier to define and design Site pop-in placement with improvements to the editor. New styling options including responsiveness, dialogue style, close button, and overlay make it easy to configure pop-in placement without the need to code.
  • It’s now possible to send a test message with Custom Events data to a test user, as well as use this data in the inbox analysis, giving you the confidence your journey will behave exactly the way you intended it.
  • New permissions allow users to access journey reports, without giving them full access to modify journeys. This allows you to maintain control over who has permission, whilst giving more team members visibility into performance.

Platform Proficiency

We are always updating our Online Help to continue to help you learn about our tool and build creative and effective marketing campaigns.

  • To help deepen your understanding of our features and how they can help you get more value out of the tool, we’ve updated some existing documentation:
    • Updates in content design topics including Repeater and Data Selection
    • Updates in all topics related to Send-Time Optimization
    • More details related to the Google Third Party cookie policies
    • Site and cookies
  • To help you create your customer journeys and better understand use cases, we also have new video courses and updates:
    • The Site course “Retargeting Abandoned Carts,” teaches you how to configure an abandoned cart, create a pop-up offer and create the Custom Journey with the associated email retargeting communication.
    • For SMC users, we have updated the “Creating a Transactional Journey” course to reflect updates to the Admin Configuration section of the platform.
    • Finally, Custom Journey Basics is a new course that provides an introduction to the custom journey creation process and interface.